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What is Virility T3X? T3X Reviews: – Virility T3X is a potency boosting product. As with comparable sexual enhancers, this product also promises a complex effect. This includes not only a harder erection and more endurance but also a permanent enlargement of the penis. Promised here are up to 5 cm more length and another plus for the diameter. Since the offer is available exclusively from the manufacturer, a visit to the doctor or curious looks in the pharmacy. Another plus for the love life is application as a pills & cream. This is as easier than a capsule or tablet in the love life involve, so that your partner can have a share in the improvement of your love life. That also helps you not have to hide the means

Virility T3X Ingredients

The manufacturers like to make a secret of the exact composition of their products or just announce individual ingredients. Virility T3X is no exception. All that is stated is that L-arginine and maca are included in the formula. Both promise to have a positive effect on the cavernosum of the penis to improve blood uptake and increase the size and extent significantly. A look at the ingredients reveals the following components of the formula:

  • Chamomile
  • Benzyl Cinnamate
  • Caffeine
  • Panthenol and
  • Urea

While Argenin really finds himself, the Maca plant is in vain to look for. This speaks either to a marketing error or to a low percentage that does not need to be mentioned on the packaging. In addition, it is noticeable in the composition that many of the ingredients such as panthenol or camomile are typical of a moisturizer, but have no effect on potency. In this context, the choice of urea, which is also a popular component of nourishing creams for dry skin, is surprising. This substance is obtained from the urine of animals, which, however, is safe for your health. The benzyl cinnamate used is a fragrance that also responds to the nose, but less supports the erectile ability or love life.

Who is Virility T3X Suitable for?

Much of the target groups are men who want to improve their stamina in the bed or the hardness of the erection. The cream is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who has had problems with their own potency, either for a long time or just recently. Younger men can thus use this cream or pills to last longer and thereby help the partner to a fulfilling love life. In old age, the drug provides a sex life that does not have to be sacrificed in terms of both frequency and quality. A second target group includes men who are dissatisfied with the length or circumference of their penis. If this applies to you, the power means, according to the promise of the manufacturer, up to 5 cm longer in length.

How does the Virility T3X effect work?

The effect of the cream takes place on several levels. On the one hand by a longer and harder erection and on the other hand by a sustainable growth of the penis. Both are achieved by the action of the ingredients on the erectile tissue in the penis. These should be much better able to absorb more blood after a cure with the remedy and to store this longer in the erectile tissue. This automatically leads to more length and volume during erection. The cavernous bodies are thus able to exploit their full potential. The penis enlargement thus takes place without surgery or the sometimes no less painful use of a penis pump. As a positive side effect not only benefits your love life, but also your partner will be much happier with your performance.

How does the Virility T3X Application work?

The application should be made according to the recommendation of the manufacturer as a cure for at least four weeks to really assess the success of the treatment. Furthermore, you should use the cream at least twice a day. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of cream on the erect penis and massaging with your hands. This should be done about 30 minutes before sex, so that your partner can benefit from the effect as well. This makes it easy to integrate this step in the beginning of foreplay. The ingredients are also skin-friendly, so there is no risk of infection when they come into contact with the mucous membranes of the penis or vagina.

What advantages and disadvantages can Virility T3X bring?


  • Penis enlargement without surgery
  • No intake of tablets
  • Harder erection
  • Permanent greater length and circumference
  • Not pharmacy-duty


  • Erection required for treatment
  • Not available in local market
  • Only a fraction of the ingredients really suitable for the purpose


The benefits of the product are clearly evident in the lack of shame on ingestion. Neither do you have to discuss your potency problems or the desire for a larger penis with a doctor or pharmacist beforehand. Since the product is offered as a cream also eliminates the use of tablets or capsules. This is also an advantage on air travel, as luggage checks can certainly make it easier for passengers to find out which product it is. The cream, however, can be stowed in the luggage without any problems. Another advantage is that the penis does not lose its size or size even when treatment is interrupted. However, as far as the five cm longer length promised in four weeks are really to be implemented, it depends on the individual case, as with all power resources.

The disadvantages of the product are that the gel has to be applied to the erect penis. This essentially limits the application to your home. In this case, tablets are somewhat more discreet and can easily be given out to colleagues in the form of a headache tablet or dietary supplement. Since the remedy should be applied 30 minutes before sex, of course, the lack of spontaneity also plays a role.

Are there any known Virility T3X side effects?

Although the cream itself is dosed, no side effects are known through its use. You can apply the cream thinner or use more of the cream. As with all power resources, allergies to individual ingredients are not counted as side effects. Since these are preferred by the manufacturers in Latin or English, it is recommended to study the ingredients carefully. Since the agent is applied directly to the penis, you can avoid rash or other allergic reactions on the genitals.

General Virility T3X Test

Among the quality features of Virility T3X is the dosage in the form of a cream and pills for penis enlargement. As a result, the ingredients get much easier to the erectile tissue. Capsules and tablets must first pass through the stomach, which significantly delays the effect of these potency drugs. In addition, the expanded blood flow in the vessels is rarely really limited only to the erectile tissue. Furthermore, the manufacturer dispenses with the addition of hormones. As a result, the hormone levels are not confused and the side effects are limited to allergic reactions to the ingredients.

General Virility T3X Experiences

The first opinions about Virility T3X you will find on the website of the manufacturer. Here, alienated images of users and their experiences are published the consistently positive tone of these opinions is obviously to be understood as an advertisement for the product. To what extent these comments are genuine or only selected by the manufacturer from a variety of different feedback remains open. Since the product is not available in the pharmacy accounts for the otherwise helpful comments of online pharmacies or mail order companies such as Amazon. However, it is relatively easy to find further comments on this product on the internet. It should always be considered, the enthusiasm or disappointment depending on whether the appropriate effect has occurred or not. Further customer experiences can be read here directly with the offerer!

What are the Virility T3X Costs?

The cost of buying this product depends on the size of the particular tube. Since the application is recommended for at least four weeks to really see all the results, you should include this in your selection. In addition to the individual sizes, the manufacturer also offers special sizes and discounts when purchasing several tubes. The offered sizes include both 50 ml and 100 ml. The tube can therefore be relatively easily stowed while traveling, without the other people’s attention. The website also notes that availability may be limited. This you should rather understand as a decision-making tool that should encourage you to immediately place an order. You can almost certainly expect to be able to continue in the future to buy the product without problems. You can therefore leave enough time for the order and a comparison with other products.

Where can I Buy Virility T3X?

Currently you can get this cream for penis enlargement exclusively on the websites of the manufacturer. The purchase in the pharmacy or online merchants such as Amazon is currently not possible. In the case of the latter, products appear while entering Virility T3X. However, this is not the original but comparable products compiled by the system. When ordering through the website of the dealer, however, there is a special feature. Here you have to leave the country where you live, your name and your telephone number. To place an order you will be recalled by a representative for this product. This clarifies for what purpose you want to use the power means and tells you which packaging sizes and discount offers are currently available. If you have problems talking to other people about your potency problems, this order can sometimes be shameful. Again, this does not apply to the reception of this power means. Since the means is almost always offered by cash on delivery, the shipping is also in a discreet packaging, which certainly does not provide for questioning looks at the parcel carrier.

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