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Vala Facial Serum is a treatment against aging. Nothing new under the sun so far, because if we give Google a search for ” anti – aging treatment” or “anti – aging serum” we find hundreds of products. How many of them are ordinary and how effective are they?

See here what Irina wrote about Vala Facial Serum

Vala Facial Serum read Irina’s review with interest in explaining some pretty important things I say about this serum. For the positive things and benefits of this product, read Irina’s article. For things that are wrong with him, keep reading this article.

3 Actions of the Vala Facial Serum:

According to the official Vala Facial Serum site in Romania, this product has 3 main actions to ensure the anti-aging treatment that is so effective that everyone talks about:

It Increases its own Collagen Production

Regenerates skin layers (pantenold-D, hyaluronic acid, oils and vitamins are some of the components that ensure this).

Prevents appearance of new wrinkles

So far, I think we are at a fairly general level and at the promise stage. I say this because I personally read about many anti aging treatments among which the famous Goji Cream or Viper Venom Active and they all say the same thing when it comes to their effects.

See what Results you can Get in 2 Months

Canned is about more technical stuff, namely how these effects take place, well, quiet. Let’s hope the Vala Facial Serum excels at least at the “customer sympathy”, and here I refer to customers who will write comments here or to other articles about Vala Facial Serum, not to those who have posted testimonials on the official site.

What Ingredients does it Contain?

According to the information on the official website, the Vala Facial Serum contains the following ingredients:

Rose water – a very rich ingredient in oils and revitalizing components.

The extract is snail mucus – I think it is the star ingredient in Vala Facial Serum, because everywhere I read about this product as a “snail extract”.

Pentenol-D – Moisturizes the skin in depth.

Collagen, Elastin, Alantoin, Glycosaminoglycans, Peptides, Glycopeptides, Vitamins A, C, E, Glycolic Acid are other ingredients that are part of the composition of this product.

These are the ingredients on the site. Except for making rose water, which has its own properties, it is an ingredient of “filling” to say so and an ingredient we find in 90% of anti-aging products, the other seem quite promising.

What do the Cyrilists say about Vala Facial Serum?

On the official Vala Facial Serum site, we found a section called “Experts About Vala Facial Serum”. Well, there’s a lady dressed in a white shirt that looks or wants to look like a doctor or a cosmetician. There is no name, function, or other things to help us make more queries about her, to see who she really is, what she is dealing with and what the link between her and the Vala Facial Serum is.

This says the Following:

“Clinical studies have proven that the anti-aging Vala Facial Serum formula is the only tool that can stop the aging process and can” restart “the natural collagen production process. It provides the effect of rejuvenating and strong regeneration of the serum.

Treatment showed a significant reduction in wrinkles after one week of use.

Before going to plastic surgeons or taking beauty shots, I recommend a 30-day course by Vala Facial Serum. I’m sure the results will exceed your expectations. “

I would have 2 things to Object here:

An anti-aging treatment lasting only 1 week is very short. From my point of view, anti-aging treatment that does not include surgery, botox or other wonders can not provide such good results in a week. If Vala Facial Serum would do that, it would probably soon become the product of 2017.

Too much hate speech to plasticists. Neither do I agree with these interventions (except when they are absolutely necessary), but we must admit that they are the ones who are doing wonders at this time. At any TV show where you see that a diva talks about how she “rejuvenated”, she will talk about the plasticist who molded it, not about any Vala Facial Serum or the wonder-working cream.

Vala Facial Serum serves with free shipping Note: Keep in mind that my opinions and comments are very close to my point of view, being a “consuming consumer” in terms of cosmetics, not a specialist in this field. Treat them as such?

Where to Buy ? Is it in Pharmacies?

At this time, when I posted this article, the Vala Facial Serum was not found in any pharmacy in Romania at least. It is sold only on the Internet through the official website: Vala Facial

There is also no catalog of cosmetic store catalogs. I looked for him hoping I could find out more about Vala Facial Serum, but without success. If in the meantime appears somewhere, write to me in a comment please. By the way, another treatment very similar to Vala Facial Serum would be Colla Mask

Your Opinion about Vala Facial Serum:

With the site on which the Vala Facial Serum is sold, we have found some customer testimonials. They are accompanied by some pictures, but the girls of those women do not seem to be from Romania. They say:

Olga, 49 years old

When I ordered the serum, I was a little skeptical. I have already tried many anti-aging products and none have worked. But after the first 3 weeks I noticed that the quality of the skin has improved greatly. It’s an incredible feeling!

Elena, 39 years old

I’ve been using Vala Facial Serum for a month and I’m happy with the results. I noticed changes, the family the same. I seriously thought about the injections for grooming, but now I realize I do not need it, using Vala Facial Serum.

Ekaterina, 51 years old

I am grateful that among such anti-aging products I have been able to find an effective one. I recommend to all women, who, like me, try to fight against wrinkles and aging of the skin. The results are worthwhile.

I do not know how real they are, though I’m a little skeptical, I do not want to make hasty conclusions.

We await (both myself and other people who want to use the Vala Facial Serum) opinions about this product from people who used it. Write us if it worked for you and how long you saw the first results.

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