Ten games to Increase Children’s Memory

Games help enhance visual and auditory Children’s Memory from early childhood




Children can enhance their memory through the game, as the pleasant events are very useful for recording memories. From small, it is possible to use certain strategies to improve care and train the brain. These techniques are very practical in the face of future studies. Children’s Memory evolves and encourages the child to use it since childhood helps you get the most out in the future.


Stimulate Children’s Memory with parents


It is preferable to enhance memory through the game as it is best remembered what brings joy or fun





The memory is made ​​up of memories and, especially, emotions. Better we remember what generates us joy, comfort or fun. Hence the possibility of stimulating childhood memory with fun activities. Games and memory form an essential to help strengthen the capacity of child care and learning binomial. Forcing children to memorize math, spelling rules or dates not always effective. It is preferable to enhance memory through the game.



  1. Memorizing songs. From babies, parents sing to their children numerous compositions. Again and again, they repeat them children learn songs. You can use this technique to invent stanzas with the content you want to memorize small. At first, you can start with simple themes to remember the home address or phone number of the parent that children can use in an emergency. When they grow, they can help children to memorize basic questions of study, such as the alphabet or multiplication tables, two classics of the early years of school.



  1. Repeating words. Children memorize, especially by repetition. When they say, they hear or do something several times, learn. If you want to remember something special, it is appropriate to repeat it and encourage it; may be the way home, the rules of a game or using utensils when eating.



  1. Toys that sound. For smaller, are suitable toys that make sounds. It can encourage children to memorize what sound heard when you press a certain part of a toy or doll (one hand, the belly, and nose) and encourage them to reproduce every sound according to the order of the parents.



  1. Hiding objects. It is a simple game that only requires collecting various objects have at home. Parents should show their children the pieces selected among five ten is an adequate- number and then hide before them. Once they are hidden, children are set a time limit and are asked to find things in a shorter period. The numbers of elements that hide and time to be given to small to find them depend on the age and motivation of children.



Online games to develop visual Children’s Memory


The online games are a practical option for children to stimulate memory. On the Net you can find proposals tailored to each age and level of difficulty. It should to be played under the supervision of parents who, in addition to controlling the content they access small, can help them solve satisfactorily.






  1. Viva juegos The memory games of this web among its protagonists with children well known characters like Dora the Explorer , who have to help each English word spell after another character has moved the letters and Winnie the Pooh , which proposes a fun Nougats and crosses from many other same images.



  1. Minijuegos disney. The memory games this portal stand out for having characters from Disney films. Cars, Mickey Mouse, The Incredible, Winnie the Pooh and his friends Tigger, Aladdin, Disney Princesses, Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers are among the options. Among others, the games consist of couples together, complete puzzles or choose the right colors to paint the costumes of superheroes.



  1. “The Fairly Odd Parents”. These cartoons focus a new set of visual memory. With a magic wand, children discover what image is hidden behind each box and bind to click on both consecutively.



Improve auditory Children’s Memory


Often the visual power and memory is left in the background auditory memory. However, it is also important to encourage this type of memory.


  1. Making sound utensils. For this game, the videos are an interesting resource as they explain step by step how to play. One option is to make our own game from boats, in which small objects are introduced to ring and then collect cans that sound the same.






  1. Trabalenguas. These puns are a great tool to help children to enhance auditory memory. The development is simple: parents read aloud or recite a tongue twister small that they have to repeat. You can start by reciting some shorter and lengthen as the children are older or enhance this type of memory.



  1. Couples sounds. As visual memory games invite to form pairs, some auditory memory games are based on forming pairs of the same sounds, such as animal sounds, or remember the order in which they should play the instruments in an orchestra to create a musical composition.

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