Sytropin HGH Supplement Reviews – Does It Work or Scam?

Review and Results of Sytropin HGH

We’ve been reading a lot lately about the different products HGH on the market and one of the most recent is Sytropin. Perhaps you’ve already heard about this product and possibly have used. We decided to order a free trial of this supplement HGH and we tested to see if their claims were true.


What is Sytropin HGH?

According to its official website, Sytropin is a spray of Human Growth Hormone that is 100% compliant with FDA regulations and is available without a prescription. But what really is human growth hormone? I mean, it is not supposed to be selling human growth hormone is illegal in the US? Well, there is a very interesting about this explanation, but we’ll review later.

There are many claims about HGH supplements that literally make your head explode. They say that will help you look and feel younger, build muscles, increase bone density, improve your immune system, reduce wrinkles, help you sleep better, give you a better mood, increase your energy levels, increase libido and performance and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol .

Whoops! I thought it would never end!


Does Not Illegal Human Growth Hormone without a prescription?

Best Supplements Reviews: This is where things get interesting for Sytropin . The company that manufactures the product label as a “human growth hormone” but according to several sources, it is illegal to sell human growth hormone without a prescription. Well, Sytropin has found a way to avoid this restriction by presenting itself as a liberator of HGH.

What is an HGH releaser? Normally the human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland, which is located near the center of the brain. During his teenage years, the pituitary gland produces its own growth hormone and is responsible for providing us with a natural growth during puberty.

By increasing our age, this gland produces growth hormone LESS and that supposedly is attributed to aging. Essentially, what it is supposed to do Sytropin is “encouraging” to the pituitary gland to produce more HGH, which leads to the aforementioned mechanism to “reverse aging”.


Did it work Sytropin For Me?

Well, I’m a healthy adult and exercise regularly. Drink occasionally, but do not smoke or use drugs. I would not fall ill lose a few kilos and I do have some wrinkles on my forehead so many years of sun exposure.

The instructions on the bottle of Sytropin say “take 2 applications of spray under the tongue in the morning and 4 spray applications before sleeping”. It is assumed that you should also avoid ingesting food or drink for 20 minutes after use. Sytropin says you get the best results after taking it for 3 months or more , but unfortunately, all I had was the Trial .

During the first week I definitely noticed a difference in my sleep patterns and wake up more refreshed. I made no change in my diet or my exercise regimen to not alter the results by taking Sytropin. If I went to the gym a few times more than normal, but I think that was due to the increase in my energy.


Sytropin Pros:

  • It gave me more energy to go to the gym
  • It improved the quality of my sleep time
  • I lost 2 kilos over a period of 10 days
  • My skin looked more radiant and looked younger


Cons of Sytropin

  • It tastes horrible
  • Only use it for two weeks
  • I did not notice any change in my wrinkles



If you’ve been thinking about trying a supplement HGH but has not had the money for it, I recommend that you register for the free trial of Sytropin. Although I think that each person reacts differently to these products so well worth a try to see if it is for you. I really recommend that you combine this therapy with a healthy diet and some exercise to get the best results.


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