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Regen A Cream is a topical application applied locally to the affected skin. It is a preparation with oiling effect, protecting the skin against moisture loss and supporting the regeneration of the epidermis. It occurs in the form of ointments, creams and lotions. Regen A Cream can be used even in newborns and small children. The cream is intended for adults and children over 11 years of age, due to the boric acid contained in the composition.


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Regen A Cream Composition

Regen A Cream liquid is a mixture of unsaturated fatty acids. The main and only component, and at the same time the active substance of the preparation is a suitable mixture of fatty acids contained in the flaxseed oil from the first pressing. The preparation applied to the skin protects it against water loss, lubricates it and reduces dryness and peeling of the skin.

Unsaturated fatty acids support skin regeneration.

Ointment, in addition to Regen A Cream liquid, contains auxiliary substances, such as lanolin and white petrolatum. The cream is additionally supplemented with 3% boric acid and eucerin.

Regen A Cream of Indication

Regen A Cream, as a liquid for the skin, is used as an adjuvant in chafes, eczema and dislocations, in conditions of excessive dryness of the skin and in relieving the symptoms of psoriasis.

Also, the ointment can be used as a preparation for sores and for excessive dryness in infants and children.

In other cases, it can be used after prior medical consultation.

The cream has an effect similar to ointments, but enhanced by the addition of boric acid, therefore it cannot be used in young children.

Regen A Cream Application

The preparation in the form of a cream, is intended for topical application to the skin. The drug should be used after medical consultation and in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. This applies in particular to the use of the preparation in infants and young children and in the case of psoriasis.

The product is applied to the skin in the form of rubbers or tampons, depending on the type of illness from up to three times a day. In order to apply the preparation, it should be spread, either with a thin layer directly on the affected skin or with a thick layer for dressing.

Regen A Cream Side effects

So far, no undesirable effects of the drug have been found. However, they may occur in the case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the preparation, therefore, in the case of existing allergies, it should not be used. Regen A Cream must not be applied to mucous membranes, damaged skin and seborrheic eczema. Protect mucous membranes and eyes from the effects of the preparation.

Due to the content of boric acid in the cream, do not use it in infants and young children.

The preparation in the form of a cream should not be applied to a large area of ​​the skin, so that the boric acid contained in the composition is not absorbed in excessive amounts.

During pregnancy and during feeding, do not use any medicines without consulting your doctor. If your doctor thinks that using the medicine will benefit mother more than harming your baby, you can use the medicine, but always according to your doctor’s instructions.

Regen A Cream has no influence on the ability to drive or use machines or devices.

Regen A Cream Price

Regen A Cream in a 30 g tube can be bought at any pharmacy, including the internet. It is available at a price of between 6 and 10 zlotys. Regen A Cream in the cream can also be obtained without any problems at any pharmacy and without a prescription. You need to pay between 5 and 10 zlotys for a 30 g package.

Regen A Cream Reviews

Regen A Cream is praised for performance, speed and effectiveness. The highlights of the ointment are ease of use, low price, lack of a strong fragrance and the fact that it is not sensitizing.

Regen A Cream in cream is also praised for efficiency, delicacy, good price. Its advantages are emphasized as a moisturizing and oiling agent, gentle and effective at the same time. It does not irritate, it breathes the skin, spreads easily and has an affordable price. Unfortunately, many people chastise him for the unpleasant odor and indicate that the cream is dirty, and the resulting stains are hard to liquidate.

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