Quit smoking, how to avoid gaining weight?



To avoid gaining weight after Quit smoking, various tricks and dietary advice help Control the small crises of anxiety or compulsive appetite that arise when given this step




On May 31, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates the Day without Snuff. Smoking kills six million people each year and causes various health problems to the smoker and their environment. Nicotine also causes serious disturbances in metabolism. It has effects on body weight, digestion and food choices. This aspect is not minor, since one of the barriers to quitting is the “fear of gaining weight.” However, it is possible to avoid becoming overweight. Then tricks and dietary advice are described to control the small crises of anxiety or habitual binge eating disorder when they quit smoking without gaining extra kilos.


Quit smoking: Why you gaining weight when leaving the snuff?


Nicotine and other toxic components of snuff (carbon monoxide, tar, benzopyrene …) have a negative impact on the whole organism. For this reason, when you quit smoking, the body charged a number of effects, including:






Reduction of energy consumption. About 10% of smokers experience an increase in energy expenditure due to nicotine. The body of the smoker who practices physical activity consumes more calories to eliminate toxic containing snuff.


Craving for sweets. Nicotine causes increased levels of adrenaline, a hormone that, when released, it raises blood sugar. When the smoker is hungry, he uses the cigarette as a means to calm her by her hyper glycogenic capacity. It is easy to understand that when you quit smoking, eat more sweet fancy.


Annoyed constipation. Nicotine speeds up stomach emptying and reduces the time required to transport waste through the intestines. They are common problems of constipation in people who have just quit.



Taste and smell is recovered. The snuff impairs taste and smell. So when someone stops smoking, to calm anxiety replaced cigarettes for food. To appreciate more and better the flavor of these, they are most eager to eat and opt often food of strong flavors, sweet, salty or spicy, resulting in the pecking sugary products, with more fat and, therefore more energy, such as chocolate, cookies, chips and other snacks . The consequence of this bad habit is often weight gain.



Quitting smoking: Five nutritional ideas for “emergency”


Quitting smoking is a good time to consider some better eating habits that result in a healthier lifestyle, more careful and report more energy and vitality. From the nutritional perspective is intended to give a taste for sweet, choose the most antioxidants, foods rich in fiber laxative power and tricks to lighten the most appetizing dishes.






  1. Taste for natural sweet. The recovery of taste and greater appetite for sweet taste make it important to select recipes for snacks and desserts, but not sugary, in order to not add calories. The snacks with dried fruits, besides being nutritious and satiate, are very sweet and can be taken alone or added to other dishes. Some examples to snack between meals, or as an alternative to an energetic breakfast, they are:


Creamy rice with prunes and raisins.

Oatmeal with dried apricots and grated apple.

Sweet dates and nuts.

  1. Sweets, antioxidants and laxative fruits. In the Medical Center Duke University in Durham (England), analyzed the effects of different foods and beverages on the palate ability of snuff. Smoker’s participants stated that various foods and beverages worsened or improved the taste of cigarettes. It was found that fruits, vegetables, dairy products and drinks without caffeine are associated with a worse taste for cigarettes. In contrast, foods that smokers linked to a better taste of snuff after consumption were coffee, alcoholic beverages and meat products. These findings suggest that, by quitting, you can regain good taste and very healthy appetite for food, such as fruits and vegetables, and they will influence over others, given its interesting nutritional value.





In summer: kabobs, fruit juices, fruit salads, ice cream, slush, peach and melon , incoming apricot with ham , melon grilled with pineapple soup, cold soup of watermelon with yogurt , Paraguayans, plums, cherries …

In winter: tasty recipes that no missing oranges, tangerines, pears, apples, grapes, pomegranates…


  1. Healthy Snacking, which quenches and gladly. If you have very hungry and want to eat between meals should be replaced typical snacks of crisps, for salt and the like cookies other healthier as pancakes, bread sticks, sticks, popcorn home, vinaigrettes , etc. The aim is to reduce fats and sugars

between meals.


  1. Tasty and light dishes. You can make tasty dishes without resorting as a rule to cheeses, mayonnaise or other sauces and condiments fatty and heavy. The idea is to make small gestures when cooking to reduce calories with common ingredients in the kitchen (as substitute cream for milk, cheese sauces for salad sauces yogurt or mix the jam with fresh fruit). Even the pizzas may have half the calories with small culinary changes.



  1. Liquids tonics. Regular intake of water (at least half liter) as such or in the form of teas, wines or juices is essential to promote drainage and disposal of toxic waste snuff still pervade the body. In addition to healthy eating, regular practice of physical activity is essential to prevent or limit gain weight.


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