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Time comes for everyone, no one is immune to expression stretchers. When they arrive, they can make the person feel less confident. Surgical methods are definite, yet expensive and can cause complications. Anti-aging creams work, but they may not be as effective as we expect. Signs of age should not affect anyone’s self-esteem, but no one likes to confuse their age to a higher number.


Solving these appearance problems may be simpler than you might think. Recently a product that promises to innovate the anti-signs products that we were accustomed to came on the market. Due to the lack of technology in the area, many were sold without causing the desired effect.

NeuBeauty is a cream that visibly minimizes wrinkles in minutes. It replaces botox (which contains botulinum neurotoxin), causing the same effect on the face. However its use is topical, that is, it is cream-like and should be applied externally to wrinkles.

Its active principle acts by relaxing the muscles of the face. With the muscles around the less tightly wrinkled lines, the expression lines are visibly soft and filled. It is only important to remember that it is not a treatment but a Cinderella effect, lasting from 6 to 8 hours


Really visible effects – Diminishes pockets under the eyes and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.

Rejuvenates – You can look 10 years younger in just 3 minutes.

Price – The cost benefit is huge when compared to other products and treatments in the category.

Instant effect – You see improvement in the appearance of wrinkles shortly after applied. No need for long treatment to look younger.

Optimal duration – Although not definitive, the cinderella effect lasts between 6 to 8 hours.

Rendezvous – Each sachet is enough for the entire face application. When used in few parts, it can yield up to 4 applications.

Daily use – You can apply it whenever you want, including it can be used every day.

Without invasive surgeries – it is not necessary to undergo expensive and painful procedures.

It has no side effects – some methods may be more risky, which is not the case NeuBeauty.

Convenience – Can be easily carried in the bag and applied when desired.


Yes! As we said above, the effect is instantaneous. It’s an uncut plastic. Its cream, which has a creamy texture, has been tested and validated in the American market. It has arrived recently and several famous ones have already joined.

Adriane Galisteu even went so far as to post a video on their social networks, talking about the product. Ageless was the theme of Gugu’s show, where they tested the product on a guinea pig and showed the results. 3 minutes is the time you need to stay 10 years younger.


Nothing is better than hearing the opinion of anyone who has used it and seeing the product working in practice. If you search the internet, you will find several people testing and talking about it. It is guaranteed its operation, but to leave you alone, we separate this video showing the before and after. The more mature the skin, the more noticeable the change will be.


Wash your face, removing all grease and dry it.

Apply the product on the index finger and mix with the big toe until it has a liquid texture.

Apply in the indicated areas with light beatings, depositing a quantity of the cream to the extent you wish. Do not apply by sliding your finger, only with beats.

Wait two minutes while the cream acts, preferably with wind on the face during drying. It is important to keep your face relaxed and not make any expression or talk during this time, as the expressions you make can be marked.

When the cream is completely dry, enjoy your skin younger and clearer.

The NeuBeauty can give a feeling of freshness while dry and you can feel a traction on the skin. It’s normal and it’s a nice feeling of rejuvenation.


You can find the product on this site. We recommend the purchase there because it is guaranteed that the product is original. Plus the purchase is 100% secure and you have your privacy protected.

You can choose to pay in cash, with the deadline of 72 hours for your order to be posted. When you choose to pay on the card, you can pay up to 12 times and the deadline is 48 hours. The freight is free for all the country, with the deliveries realized by the post office. After you post your product, it is delivered within 10 business days.

The more saches you buy, the greater the discount and the benefit of the purchase. There are several promotions available on the site, so you can get the one you like best.

It is a great investment for your beauty and self esteem.

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