What Is Muscle Building? How Can We Build Muscle?


Muscle Building Reviews:


Strength training is a practice that seeks to draw his silhouette by working one or more muscle groups. The practitioners of bodybuilding can find different results.

For this, they must get to know their morph type and understand the functioning of the muscle.

Definition of bodybuilding:


Strength training is a physical activity that aims at building muscle and body building, where the body-building Anglicism. Sometimes wrongly regarded as a sport, it does however include any playful dimension (which is the essence of all sports):

It can be practiced by all, men women, young and old, both at home in gym.

It is an anaerobic activity (which therefore takes place without oxygen).

Practiced to some extent, strength training is beneficial for health.




The goals of Building Muscle:


The main goals of building muscle:

Muscle growth: For more building muscles, larger;

Physical force: better stamina, better resistance, more powerful muscles and tonic;

Mass gain: increased muscle weight in body;

Dry muscle: a decrease in body fat, cellulite, the saddlebags, etc.

Improvement of nervous muscle use: these are the first gains in beginners. Better innervations allow using more muscle fibers;

Strengthen joints and tendons: through a natural progression in the load;

Improvement of bone strength: through progressive loads, strength training also helps fight against the loss of bone density, such as osteoporosis;

Cardiovascular gain: the muscles gradually consume more oxygen, thanks to the endurance work;

Improved lifestyle through food and associated rhythm exercises;

Improving self-esteem and self-confidence.

Age and muscle building:


If there is no age limit to practice in building muscle, it should follow some precautions inherent in the development of the body and its developments.

Before 11 years

The body is still forming; it should let the muscles grow by a normal daily activity.

Too early training could prejudice the correct assessment of motor coordination in particular.


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During adolescence:

This is an age when many young boys, but also girls are tempted to control the physical changes they experience practicing bodybuilding.

If the high level of own hormones at that age supports muscle development in young men, the skeleton has not finished growing and remains fragile, we must be very careful.

Between 40 and 50 years and beyond

More one leaves the “prime of life”, and more muscle wasting progresses, bones weaken and clog arteries.

It is quite possible to do weight training by advancing in age, but it should stay to listen to his body and to consult his doctors not to endanger.

The positive effects are numerous: improved breathing capacity, reduce cholesterol and diabetes, better endurance.



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