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What is Max Test Ultra? Test Ultra is a U.S diet supplement that claims muscle growth and, at the same time, optimizes your sexual performance. It works? Find out more in our test report.

Max Test Ultra is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of a pill. Take two tablets a day to support a diet and exercise program. By regularly taking the pill, you can optimize the growth of lean muscle mass, improve your sexual performance and reduce your recovery time.

Sounds too Good to be True? It is!

Max Test Ultra Info

Of course, these are similar allegations made by other food supplements for men sold online. Max Test Ultra also claims that it is clinically proven and offers the following benefits:

  • 52% muscle growth
  • 42% increased endurance
  • 47% reduced exhaustion
  • Increases power level by 283%
  • Increases libido by 66%
  • Increases free testosterone by 140%

It is unclear how Max Test Ultra measured these statistics or where the numbers come from. They do not cite any clinical studies or scientific researches.

Once you see past the marketing slogans, you will learn that Max Test Ultra is a simple nitric oxide supplement. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.


How does Max Test Ultra Work?

Max Test Ultra claims to work as a simple nitric oxide supplement, which also has a double effect in increasing testosterone levels and supports muscle growth.

Max Test Ultra says that it works “literally on a molecular level” with your DNA, and helps create well-defined muscles when you sleep.


The so-called “proven effects” of Max Test Ultra include the following:

  • Muscle mass
  • Nitric production
  • Lactic acid, ammonia and free radicals
  • Cure and damaged muscles
  • Improved ATP (cell energy production)


As with most supplements on the sales page, they usually discuss how the product works. Max Test Ultra, however, has a different approach and spends most of her selling side and packaging explaining why her supplement is the secret that “super muscle men” use to attract women – the same women they can not get.

Basically, Max Test Ultra will make you feel like an idiot if you do not take this supplement while they cheer the benefits up. They also call you a women’s steward who drinks Gatorade and protein shakes.

The manufacturer even makes the most absurd claims that there are “no side effects” and “Max Test Ultra better than steroids”. Seriously, this is the word-wise explanation (in U.S, CA) on the Max Test Ultra sales side (it is expressly “That’s why Max Test Ultra is better than steroids.”

Ultimately, as soon as you are past all the strange marketing strategies, you will learn that Max Test Ultra contains only one ingredient: L-arginine.

Max Test Ultra Ingredients

Each 2 capsule serving of horials contains 450mg of L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate. This is the only ingredient listed. It is unclear why this is listed as a proprietary formula (usually it is used when there are several ingredients).

The only other ingredients listed are gelatine, magnesium stearate and silica.

L-Arginine is a popular amino acid that is used before training to boost bodybuilding to promote vascularity. It has been clinically proven to expand the blood vessels and improve athletic performance. It is full of scientific knowledge that it looks as advertised.

The only problem with Horlax’s L-Arginine is that it is contained in a ridiculously small dose.

Bodybuilders usually take L-arginine at doses of 3000 to 6000mg – which is much stronger than the 450mg that is contained in a daily dose of horlax. At a dose of 450mg, horials probably do not have a noticeable effect on your body or on the nitric oxide in the bloodstream.

The other problem is that in this price class a very high dose would be expected: Max Test Ultra is priced significantly higher than most conventional L-Arginine supplements on the market. So you pay much more money for much less formula.


Max Test Ultra Prices

Max Test Ultra is available online with free trial you give only shipping price for $4.95:

Should you take Max Test Ultra to Improve Muscle Mass?

Max Test Ultra is a food supporter, which is oriented to German speaking people in Europe. The supplement makes many of the same claims seen in English-language diet supplements – such as better sexual performance and better muscle growth.

Max Test Ultra, however, makes certain claims, are too bold, such as, eg it is “better than steroids”.

The big problem is that Max Test Ultra does not have the scientific research to prove his bold claims. The formula contains a daily dose of only 450mg of L-arginine. As a rule, bodybuilders take 3000 to 6000mg of this supplement per dose – which makes horials appear relatively weak.

Despite the weak dose Max Test Ultra calculated still whopping 50 Euro per bottle. In this price class you get better supplements with a higher dose at a lower price – so it is hard to recommend horrors despite the bold claims of the manufacturer.


Max Test Ultra Muscle Supplement

Going to the gym every day is a matter of course for many people, from teenagers to older people, and it has become a kind of style statement. So if you want to be an athlete or bodybuilder, the key to your success is rigorous training and total dedication. There is a way that will help you reach mental alertness so you can concentrate and remain with loaf and soul and build muscle mass. The solution contains an effective problem.

Max Test Ultra Supplement has realized that each of the compounds used in each pill is safe and very effective. These compounds are di-potassium phosphate, L-arginine hydrate, and arginine alpha-lactates. Once these compounds react with the amino acids in our body, nitric oxide, a miracle gas, is produced in our body, according to studies on the evaluations of supplements. The gases then do what no other gas in our body will do. It increases the size of our blood vessels and brings the heart to pump a lot of blood. The resulting new blood that is full of water and fresh element is formed to experience the muscle so that it can produce muscle cells. This will rejuvenate the cells and they will start to multiply and give you muscle mass over time.

This process involves taking the recommended dosage and is complemented by a strict exercise program that includes heart, body and weight exercises, say the people at Max Test Ultra Supplement.

Max Test Ultra Supplement has also noted that Max Test Ultra uses a unique super-molecular combination that manifests itself in life-saving energy enhancement so you can train over a long period of time.


Why is there so much Interest in Muscle Building Supplements?

Max Test Ultra muscle supplements are very attractive for people who want to build muscle. Each woman and every man is attracted by the same, because it helps to create muscles with proportional ease. Most importantly, there is a lot of advertising that underlines the benefits or positive points regarding the muscle supplements available on the market. Most people believe that supplements play an important role in muscle building. All the hard realistic facts and drawbacks of the supplements are vandalized while the product is being promoted.


Supplements Harm our Body

Various studies suggest that taking muscle supplements harms the body in one or a variety of species. Max Test Ultra muscle supplements tend to change the natural functionality of the physical body by stimulating or releasing different hormones. The intake of these supplements has an influence on a variety of chemical and biological processes, which occur in the human body. In the long term, these supplements could cause several life-threatening diseases.

The best muscle supplement is protein. Muscles consist of protein and do not have enough of it to hinder your attempt to build muscle. Not enough protein in food is rare in the developed world, but if you are affected by it, you can take protein supplements. These are often in powder form for the production of shakes or protein rich energy bars and consist mostly of soy, eggs or dairy products.


How do Steroids Work in the Body?

All muscle supplements, which are artificial, contain steroids. The effects of all artificial supplements are seen in the growth of the muscles. The results of these supplements are shown immediately on the body, but after a short time the effect of the steroid goes down. One should be careful with this type of food supplements.


The Risk of Atrophy

Another risk of taking muscle supplements to improve muscle growth is atrophy. Quick changes to the system and it moves the blood vessels and various nervous systems that run through the muscles. These nerves and blood vessels lead to disintegration, and eventually lead to problems with the rest of the body. It can also lead to reduced human blood flow, which is the most important organ of the body. Such supplements will cause serious health risks to the body.

Before you think about taking such more dangerous supplements, consider something natural that is available for muscle building on the market. There are many possibilities in the market that you have to explore. Muscle build-up is definitely possible even without muscle supplements.

If you really want to build muscle, let the fingers of Max Test Ultra and use a booster which keeps what he promises and is also much cheaper!


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