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Luxe Revival is a line of cosmetics that aims to be of the highest quality. The brand relies on the purest and healthiest, as well as the highest quality color cosmetics, which in turn are made with nourishing butter varieties, moisturizing oils and anti-aging antioxidants, which in turn are obtained from acai fruits, blueberries and other super fruits. The cosmetics are also enriched with green tea and vegetables as well as fruits, plant pigments and other pure materials. The brand Luxe Revival sets in addition to their high quality composition also on affordable prices. The aim of the innovative cosmetics is not only to visually enhance the skin as a skin care product, but to support a healthy skin from the ground up, while at the same time using vivid colors to underline the natural beauty. Another special feature of Luxe Revival is that all products are produced in Europe.

The company Luxe Revival represents the philosophy that the customer comes first with his needs. In addition, the Luxe Revival brand insists on offering all products in absolutely top quality. Only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients are used for cosmetics and skin care. In addition to these positive qualities, the Luxe Revival brand also seeks not only to make a profit with the sales generated by the sale of cosmetics and skin care. To do this, Luxe Revival repeatedly donates to charitable causes, thereby making a positive difference to traditional cosmetics companies.

Luxe Revival sets out to stand out from the mass of cosmetics manufacturers. This makes Luxe Revival one of the purest and most natural cosmetic lines where make-up is blended with skincare products. There are no ingredients used, which are obtained for example from animals, so as to color cosmetics, for example. Instead of the animal ingredients for coloring the cosmetics only plants and fruits and vegetable pigments and natural minerals are used, which at the same time in addition to the attractive coloring of the products also cause a health promotion of the skin. The preservation of the products is done in a purely natural way, In addition, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract are used to make the cosmetics and skin care more durable.

Another special feature of Luxe Revival is that the skin care cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and all ages. In addition, all Luxe Revival skin care products are made exclusively in Europe. Luxe Revival relies on pure naturalness in all ingredients.

The color cosmetics are obtained thanks to natural fruits, which in turn have a high antioxidant power and extracts of green and black tea . For this purpose, natural vitamins are added as further beneficial ingredients for the skin. In the case of many large corporations, it is the case that toxic ingredients are found in studies in the cosmetics. This is different with Luxe Revival, because only effective and healthy ingredients are used.

The Pigments Luxe Revival

All colors in the cosmetic products come from either plants, vegetables or fruit pigments and natural minerals. Here, the brand distances itself from conventional products using, for example, Carmine, which in turn is derived from beetles. The beetles are crushed during manufacture to obtain the red dyes. Also Lakes or FD & C are not used in the cosmetics line. The advantage of natural color pigments is not only that they are animal friendly, but that they also have antioxidant properties, which in turn have a positive effect on the skin.

Parabens and Toxic Chemicals are Completely Eliminated

The cosmetics line never uses parabens or other chemically derived preservatives commonly used in conventional skin care and cosmetic products. Instead of these harmful ingredients, the cosmetics line is based on natural preservation methods, which are implemented with vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract.

Animal Welfare is Highly Rated

The production of cosmetic products is never tested on animals. Therefore, the line was recognized by PETA and Leaping Bunny certified. While many other conventional cosmetics lines claim to be free of animal testing, ingredients such as carmine, cochineal, or carmine acids are extracted from crushed beetles. PETA has published a report that around 70,000 beetles must be crushed in order to gain only half a kilo of red dyes for cosmetics. Carmine is therefore never used in Luxe Revival. The alternatives are pigments derived from cherries, pink carrots, beetroot, red quinoa or rose blossom.

The Cosmetics Line Provides Perfect Enjoyment for Body and Mind

The cosmetics line is intended to achieve a total enjoyment of body and mind and to achieve a pleasant and soothing effect. The combination of ingredients was tested in each case in the country of origin of the ingredients.

The cosmetics line is based on innovative product formulas, which are implemented in a state-of-the-art way and which provide clinically proven results. Particular attention is paid to the 100% use of plants and materials. Skin-friendly and synthetic ingredients are not included in the products of Luxe Revival.

The cosmetics line wants users to enjoy a pleasurable enjoyment and feel a little bit more comfortable due to the texture and fragrance of the products.

The Ingredients of Luxe Revival

Luxe Revival uses purely natural ingredients, all of which are not derived from animal sources. For example, red colors are obtained from vegetables and fruits, while manufacturers of conventional cosmetics rely on the use of substances derived from crushed beetles. Overall, Luxe Revival relies on purely natural ingredients and completely dispenses with harmful synthetic ingredients. The preservation of high-quality cosmetics is implemented, for example, with vitamins and grapefruit seed extract. Also, the production of all products is completely without the use of animal experiments. Thus PETA has also considered this cosmetic line to be recommendable.

Experience with Luxe Revival

Customers have consistently positive experiences with the products. Since they are free of synthetic ingredients , the compatibility is particularly favorable. The cosmetics rely on the perfect care of the skin and even ingredients that are used to color the cosmetics are selected to have a positive effect on the skin. Also, the fragrance of the products is described as very pleasant and natural. Thus, the use of the products of Luxe Revival not only for the skin is very pleasant, but a real treat for body and soul. A well-groomed skin that is achieved with a good conscience towards the animals and the environment is a positive aspect that the users generally call.

The Use of Luxe Revival

The application of the products is very pleasant. For example, a cleaning oil is offered for cleansing the skin, which has a very pleasant consistency and thus makes the cleaning of the skin very pleasant. Also, the exfoliation creams and serums are pleasant to use, as they emit no unpleasant odors, which even unnatural effect in many conventional cosmetic products. Basically, Luxe Revival products are used daily in the morning and in the evening, this includes a thorough cleaning and the subsequent care of the skin. The exfoliation should not be used on a daily basis, but should be used once or twice a week, depending on the skin type. The regular use of high-quality products, the skin is pure and it also works very well hydrated. This can also be effectively prevented wrinkling.

Conclusion Luxe Revival

Luxe Revival is a high-quality cosmetics line based on purely natural ingredients, which is also produced free from all animal tests and animal ingredients. The line is particularly suitable for demanding women who care for their skin with only high-quality products and thus want to improve the appearance as well as the overall condition.

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