Leone Serum: Reviews Price, Side Effects and Where to Buy it!!!

What is Leone Serum?

It is a “revolutionary” (as it is described) treatment, completely natural and Made in Italy, useful for fighting handbags under your eyes. All this without resorting to injections of potentially harmful chemicals or undergoing cosmetic surgeon interventions. Leone Serum helps to better sketch the skin near the eyes, eliminating the dark circles. Black swellings, black spots, or red eye outline are eliminated. The use of the medicine is done by applying this cream directly to the inexpensive bags. Immediately after application this cream will help nourish the skin by doing so deeply. Even after some application you can see the effects of cream on the skin, which will be softer, moisturized and colorful. Thanks to this serum you can regenerate and firm the skin. This is why the serum has been so successful in the field.

INCI and Leone Composition

Serum contains only natural ingredients certified by a laboratory test. Inside it is impossible to find dyes, oils, vaseline, animal derivatives, paraffins, preserves or parabens. This prevents the risk of dangerous human skin damage. The 50 ml bottle of vial contains elements such as pineapple extract (a natural anti-inflammatory which can counter the bags under the eyes and the dark circles); the vine extract (the red one): with a high antioxidant effect, but also anti-edema and even anti – inflammatory to; without forgetting the extract of Guarana. Serum is completely free of allergens or gluten, which makes it usable by people who may be suffering from these problems.

How to Apply Leone Serum for an Optimal Result

If you apply the serum as described on the packaging , regularly, the result is guaranteed. In fact this is a very easy to use product. The packaging allows you to bring the product with you always. The product should be applied to the skin problem twice a day. First, however, it is strongly recommended to wash the visa for good, removing dirt or residues of cosmetics. The product is gently massaged with a finger. The massage movements they must be circular from the center to the outside, without pressing too hard, until the product is completely absorbed by the skin. The serum could be applied smoothly across the face. For progressive results, the application must take place every day, twice a day, for at least two weeks. Preferably, after application, the skin should not be contacted with other surfaces, so that the serum is not transmitted and is not absorbed badly. It is therefore not advisable to apply it before going to sleep. Much better wait at least 30 minutes before lying on the cushion with the skin turned upside down.


Reviews and Opinions of those who have Tried it

Ever since its commercial appearance, Leone Serum has sparked a real cascade of positive opinions. There are few people who have expressly stated negative opinions. It has been mentioned the complete absence of contraindications or side effects on the skin of the person using the cream. As several women have confirmed, the product can be used on the most varied skin types, but it will have the guaranteed effect if you meet the packaging guidelines. As many women point out, the product should be kept away from the reach of children, as these could cause serious harm to their health if they ingested or put it in the eyes. Many reviews are positive and there are only a few negatives of women who expected a faster effect than the one described on the pack. The majority, however, is made up of positive product reviews.

How much does it cost and where to Buy Leone Serum?

The product cannot be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores, cosmetic product resale shops, and even on sites like eBay. The original packaging is only for sale on the official website and costs $50 per pack. However, if you would like to buy more packages you could have a substantial discount and buy 3 packs at $100 instead of 150. To buy it you should fill in the order form correctly with all your data and send it to the company. Delivery will be via courier and delivery payment. You can get a free trial also for first time of order as a policy one trial for one person.

For whom is the Cream Indicated?

The product can be used not only by men, but also by women. Serum, in fact, suits all skin types: young, old, masculine, more hydrated or less hydrated, and also performs its function as well.

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