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Keto Tone, a new diet pill, gives people hope that they would like to lose weight and do not do so as desired through exercise or a modified diet. For many, the desire for the longed-for dream figure is great – especially in the summer. Who would not like to present themselves on vacation, in the pool or on the beach with a slim, attractive body? Anyone who has problems with their own weight and would like to lose weight is usually accompanied for months or years by this desire.

Some sufferers have been fighting unwanted overweight since adolescence. This shows that it is not easy to achieve weight loss. Often there is a lack of time for sports and even those who exercise regularly on a regular basis can often not achieve the set weight goals by the movement alone. A complete change of diet is also difficult to implement. Who can manage to eat completely low in fat and consume the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day? In hectic everyday life this is not possible for many.

However, even if you eat very well, you may still be overweight, which you cannot adequately reduce with diet alone. This is because body weight is also linked to genetic causes. Biologists speak here of the so-called set-point theory. This says that the body weight that you have as an adult human, is genetically predetermined. This means that your body will always strive to achieve a weight within a certain weight range. Depending on the predisposition, this genetically predetermined weight range may be normal or overweight.

If this is the case, then it will be very difficult for you to lose weight. When you starve, your body will steer clear after a few days, reducing its calorie consumption and basal metabolic rate, so that weight will be maintained and you will quickly recover after returning to normal eating habits. But you do not have to accept that. Keto Tone stimulates and positively affects the metabolism of the body, increasing your basal metabolic rate and allowing the body to use the energy from its existing fat cells to degrade it. Since the beginning of the year 2016 is Keto Tone Also available in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. The new diet pill should make it possible to lose weight quickly and effectively without the dreaded yo-yo effect after weight loss. This is made possible by an innovative complex of active ingredients, which causes a rapid metabolisation of the energy stored in the body fat cells. Just one pill a day is enough to stop the body from producing fat. Likewise Keto Tone should reduce the appetite, so that the desire for nibbling or eating something, decreases.

Ingredients of Keto Tone – what is in it?

In order to understand the mode of action of Keto Tone, the ingredients of the diet pill should be considered more closely. Keto Tone combines various active ingredients that stimulate the metabolism and support fat burning. These are white tea extract, cocoa bean extract as well as extracts of acai berry and guarana. The following further ingredients are classified chemically into Keto Tone: chlorogenic acid, folic acid, vitamin B2, citrus fruit extract, extracts of green coffee beans and soluble coffee fibers.


The ingredients of Keto Tone reduce fat intake, increase the fat burning and reduce appetite. This is achieved through the combination of herbal ingredients – Garcinia, white tea, cocoa, acai and guarana.

White tea is harvested from the same tea plant as black or green tea. It is processed more gently and therefore retains many of the natural ingredients. The contained catechins and tannins as well as the vitamin B2, the white tea has an antibacterial effect and stimulates the connective tissue in the skin. Catechins reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The contained polyphenols stimulate fat cells to absorb less fat and release the contained fatty acids faster. The white tea stimulates the metabolism and has a slightly laxative effect. Similar polyphenols are included in the cocoa extracts, which also have a satiating and appetite-reducing effect. Acai contains many Cell protecting antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating. The contained calcium strengthens the muscles and causes the body to release more enzymes that stimulate the metabolism. Guarana and chlorogenic acid, also contained in green coffee, have an invigorating effect and are responsible for the activating effects of coffee. Guarana should also suppress the hunger, what have been used by Indians during several days hunting trips to advantage.

What Experience have Customers already had with Keto Tone?

Keto Tone is a new product and so far there are few experiences with the innovative diet pill. First testers who have tried Keto Tone report gradual customer successes. Especially when greater obesity is present, Keto Tone can contribute to the metabolism being stimulated and the users losing weight without having to significantly change their everyday lives. Greater success sets in particular when people drink a lot of water and change the diet in addition, especially if users use the appetite-reducing effect of Keto Tone in order to eat little or no food in the evening.

Application of Keto Tone

The intake of Keto Tone is easy. Because it is a dietary supplement, it is simply taken before eating. For this purpose, a pill is swallowed with a little water. Who wants to intensify the effect can also increase the dose and take two capsules per day. One capsule should be taken early and one after lunch. It is recommended not to take the capsules in the evening as the activating ingredients may otherwise disturb your sleep.

Keto Tone Experiences

Report by Bernd

I have been taking Keto Tone for a month now. I am clearly overweight and weigh 120 kg with a height of 180 cm. At the beginning I took one capsule of Keto Tone daily and lost one kilogram after one week. Since this is not enough for me, I have increased the dose and now take two capsules. This has set a better customer success. In the meantime I have lost 5 kg, I did not change my eating habits. However, I feel that I have less appetite. I still eat the same foods as before, but overall I eat because I’m less hungry, not so much anymore. I do not move anymore and do not do sports. For this one month, I find the success quite impressive. I am satisfied with these 5 kg and hope that it will continue.

Report by Sabrina

I’m not overweight, but I’d like to lose a few pounds. Over the years, I’ve gained something. That’s probably because I mostly work in the office, sit a lot and there goes the hand between times quickly in the bag with gummy bears. That’s why I do not think I’m fat, but in a bikini I do not like it anymore. When I heard about Keto Tone, I thought I could give it a try. In addition, I started a sports program and run 4 km every day. Well, I do not walk every day, I walked every day for the first two weeks, after that I sometimes did not feel like it. The inner pig was sometimes bigger again.

But at least I try. I noticed for myself that I actually lost weight. Actually, I was initially annoyed that the weight loss was so low. Because I only lost 2 kg. That’s not much. But then I had a body fat analysis done. It was found here that, compared to a year ago, when I have had such an analysis done before, I have built more muscle mass and the amount of fat in my body has dropped. I think that this is Keto Toneowe. Sport has given me more muscle, and because they are heavier than fat, I have not become so much lighter. But nevertheless, I obviously lost fat with Keto Tone and I can see that when I stand in front of the mirror – less buff.

Report by Katharina

Actually, I am a sporty person. I write “actually” because my energy has eased a bit in the past few years. I often used to go to the gym or played soccer. After a cruciate ligament rupture, I did not dare to go to the square and I did not really feel like visiting the gym anymore. It had become too exhausting for me. No wonder, after all, the job demanded more and more and then I was done at the end of the day. And by the little sport I had also increased a bit. Then I started to take Keto Tone. I took two capsules every day from the beginning. I noticed that the pills seem to have an invigorating effect. Maybe that’s because of the coffee extracts?

I know that coffee can be very invigorating. Due to the Keto Tone I feel less and less in daily life p. It’s easy for me to get up to sport and find the energy to go to the gym. As a result, I have now lost a few kilograms again. I am grateful to Keto Tone for giving me new energy. Meanwhile, I only take one capsule because I want one pack longer.

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