Joints and weight do they mix?

Which Trainings can save your Joints?


We often hear of bodybuilding it is bad for your joints. At the time of osteoarthritis, back pain and knee are the disease of the century, these testimonies are overwhelming. Who has not heard “lift weights and you’ll destroy you”? Everyone wants to grow old properly, and even healthier! As Alpha you want to lead a prosperous life, but where will you go if your knees can no longer support you? Alpha Men reported on the issue!

I – Strength training is natural:

The essence of the weight rests on the fact of increasing the resistance of a given movement to work the muscle in some way. In other words, it puts the body in charge to produce more muscle tension.

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The movements can mobilize more joints (known movements poly-particular: the bench press for example), or one (known movements mono-particular: curl, lateral raises, leg extensions …). The vast majority of training exercises are movements totally natural in that it opposes a load, those who are not are proscribed and avoid.

If you see a perfect position, you risk pa much. For example, a good back posture movements where the spine supports loads is essential if you are not sure that your technique is PERFECT in every moment of the movement, do not practice them.

We’re talking big heavy movements like the squat, deadlift, rowing bar … but also exercises like curls, lateral raises, shrugs and others. Indeed, people too tend to focus on the most dangerous exercises and entertainment in the most “easy”, while yet curls or lateral raises cheated you can destroy your back if you do not pay Warning !

Returning also another very important information: adopt a perfect posture at all times of the movement. The moments you pick up and replace the bar / dumbbell is also included in this quote. In other words, squat, do not start to adopt good posture before making your first rehearsal, but when you are about to take off the bar until you’ve rested.

When lifting a dumbbell on the floor or on a rack, squat back straight and lift with the legs (like a deadlift). A dumbbell is even worse than a rod for your back when lifting evil because it is even more unstable!

II – Strength training protects joints:

The weight is the only physical activity that allows you to isolate a muscle or a particular movement as effectively.

Any program will contain a minimum a sophisticated selection of exercises balancing work overall body musculature. This will reduce muscle imbalances, and thus lead to the preservation of the joint, as well as better maintenance. The result is a better functioning of the joint that will actually help avoid problems. As its name implies, strength training is designed to work primarily muscle. If the exercises are performed correctly, the weight is mainly held by the muscle. To maximize this, it is essential to control the movement being neither too fast nor too slow in the positive phase (mounted) as negative (downhill). Also, do not lock the articulation too often (fully extend the arms, knees). Many people do it to rest for a series, but be aware that by doing so it is only your articulation is borne!

Woman palpate her painful knee. Studio shot against white background.

The shocks are the most traumatic action for your joints. The cartilage less resistant to shock than even extremely high pressures. The benefit of this type of training is that it provides no shock! (Except some exercises or variations of exercises, which are to be used carefully and sparingly).

On the contrary, almost all physical activities expose you to permanently impacts. E.g. running at slower pace, not every impact is equivalent to three times your body weight on one leg. Do the math pressure after the sacrosanct hour daily course!

You even choosing the resistance imposed on movement. This is also a feature of the building, where other sports you submit a unique resistance no matter how little or condition (often your weight). This choice of the load allows you to facilitate or increase the difficulty of movement. So you can do push-ups with a wizard to help you if you get stuck in body weight, as you weight yourself if it has become too easy.

In fact, weight training is nowadays used for rehabilitation, the elderly, and the sportsmen of all kinds for these properties that make it unique!

III – Strength training protects joints:

With age, your flexibility decreases. Some people already are not really flexible at the base despite intense practice daily stretching. Inflexibility favors the installation of muscle tension throughout the body. Thus stiff hamstrings can affect in pain throughout your spine.

Your lack of flexibility of the hamstrings will distort posture, which itself will stress more some small muscles of the back, which themselves will generate tensions, which will gradually lead to other reaction by the same “cascading “.

But that’s not all, stiffness can also prematurely wear a joint, create back problems, reduce your mobility. The older you are, the more the phenomenon will occur soon (and already naturally occur gradually, it is important to take you in hand now).

However, strength training is working your joints in full amplitude. And that’s one of the few physical activities to do as well! Exercises like the deadlift legs straight, full squat, pullover, demand and develop qualities of extraordinary flexibility. Try some crouch feet shoulder width, keeping your lower back slightly arched, chest out, back straight, and without breaking the beads … You realize!

The majority of weightlifters are able to do the splits without too many problems, despite their mass. By the way, it destroys the myth of “the strength that gives less flexible.”

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Know that the weight stimulates the renewal of bones and joints, strengthens tendons. It therefore plays an important role at the structural level, because in fact, the muscles are not the only ones to adapt. The problem is that these structures put more time to regenerate and grow. The advantage? Most practitioners do not cause their muscles more than once per week, which leaves roughly a 7 day recovery time between sessions.

Beginners are advised to train more frequently in order to learn faster the right investments, sensations and techniques. They will not handle high loads, and their primary objective is to strengthen all their muscles / joints. So we can relativize the impact of training on their joints, which is not so high. (Read this article).

Enforce rest time enough between sessions, have a rich and healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is the basis for building muscle. But this ideology of life also allows a significant recovery of joints.

We are far from most athletes who train on May 4 times a week on the same gestures / movements, put in charge the same joints, and completely neglect the “outside”. You have nothing to fear, and are well above them in terms of health!

IV – supplements for joints:

If you are concerned about the health of your joints, you can still eat some food supplements. Increasingly nutrition shops offer food supplements in capsule form containing chondroitin, glucosamine, and others. They provide nutrients favoring joint reconstruction, some are even prescribed for people with osteoarthritis to limit the phenomenon.

It may therefore be interesting to try. But see it more as a preventative: if you have sore joints, adjust your training accordingly, talk to your doctor and / or take a rest. Take a look at the online nutrition stores to give you an idea of prices and products available!

Strength training actually has a beneficial aspect of his lack of shock and constraints on joints. It also promotes bone adaptations, tendons, muscles by training that allow them to better maintenance and operation. PS: If strength training helped you overcome pain, you had wounds bodybuilding, let a message in the comments!


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