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IntelliBoost IQ is a natural product that stimulates brain function and its effect is incredibly effective. Recommended for those over 45 and are beginning to notice that they have problems with their memory.

Supplement Reviatlum contains Bacope Monnieri extract that promotes brain cell work and allows memory of problems to be solved. Capsules are recommended for people over 45 years of age with memory disorders. IntelliBoost IQ makes sure that you do not forget your important family name as well as your everyday responsibility.

IntelliBoost IQ – Works – Comments – Market

IntelliBoost IQ is a natural memory enhancer and brain power builder. It is formulated with Bacopa monniera extract (commonly known as Brahmi), developed and patented by the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) in India.

It facilitates learning, improves the consolidation of learned behavior and delays its extinction by enhancing protein kinase activity and new protein synthesis, particularly in memory-related brain cells. R also induces an increase in protein and serotonin, and lowers epinephrine levels in the hippocampus, hypothalamus and cerebral cortex. Improvements of proteins, serotonin, and depletionof norepinephrine levels are indicative of facilitatory effects of long-term IntelliBoost IQ and intermediate forms of memory.

It has a marked adaptogenic effect. As such, it helps to combat stress day by day and is therefore considered essential for survival. Research has also shown that It has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties and is a powerful anti-oxidant.


The IntelliBoost IQ has three main areas:

It reduces the amount of free radicals, slows down the aging process, thus giving a fresh mind over a long period of time.

Removes the tone memory. IntelliBoost IQ stimulates the natural regenerative processes of the brain and promotes the growth of gray cells.

Rejuvenates the brain and eliminates the typical symptoms of increased age. You do not need to worry about something you forget or cannot focus on.


IntelliBoost IQ is a food supplement made from natural ingredients that is safe for the body. The base of the tablet is the Bacopa Monnieri extract, which contains a large amount of nutrients, thus increasing intellectual capacity and strengthening the brain. One tablet contains 400 mg effective and rich in vitamins, nutrients composition.


For best results, two tablets a day are recommended. The first one is 30 minutes before breakfast, the second one is 30 minutes before dinner. According to scientists, the 3 month IntelliBoost IQ Palace is the most preferred female forum. How to use?


For now, IntelliBoost IQ Mind Food Supplement can be ordered online. The product that contains water is not cheap, however, if you use our website for the first time, you can order IntelliBoost IQ Mind Over 54%, More Favorable!

So how does the order? Go to their website and click on the order button and fill in the data. If you are looking to get the product for the first time, you will get a 50% discount! Also, if you are not satisfied with the product, return with the empty box and refund the full price, but we can guarantee that if you see how effective the IntelliBoost IQ is, you will not be sent back!

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