What it is the best for weight loss ? Dieting or exercise?

To enhance weight loss in a healthy way, not just go on a dieting or do some exercise, but requires an appropriate mix of food and sport

Excess weight is one of the major health concerns in our society. Every day, somewhere in the world someone is on a diet or go running with the goal of losing weight. But what is better for weight loss: go on a dieting or exercise? To answer this question, in this article the current situation of physical inactivity and obesity is reviewed, outlined some of the research that has been done on the theme, besides the positions of the experts, and specific recommendations are offered.


Diet Plan


Objective: To lose weight, what is the current situation?

The remarkable increase in the prevalence rates of obesity not only due to changes in the genetic component of human beings. High availability of energy dense foods and the high rate of physical inactivity are largely responsible for the increase in obesity. Today, there is a lot of daily food rations with increasing sizes and foods with high energy density. In addition, society is increasingly sedentary, as the World Health Organization warns (WHO), since in many countries between 30% and 50% of the population remains inactive.


The imbalance of energy balance (consuming more calories than the calorie expenditure) is on the basis of origin of obesity and also on the basis of their treatment. Experts and researchers working with this disease think that a lack of control mechanisms in food intake, changes in energy expenditure or misalignments in the regulation of lipid reserves can be triggers weight gain.


In all consensus documents on treatment of overweight, experts agree that implementing appropriate dietary measures and physical activity enhance therapeutic measures are recommended for weight control.

Diet and physical activity: a winning combination


Physical activity and diet are the mainstays of treatment of obesity. According to the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity ( SEED ), physical activity and exercise are components in the management of weight loss, inexcusably with an eating plan structured as the physical exercise as isolation from obesity treatment does not seem to have a prominent role in lowering weight paper. SEEDO mentions some studies conducted between 1995 and 2005 in which large weight losses were not observed when only physical activity was performed as a strategy to lose weight.


Diet Plan
However, there are several other investigations in which the practice of physical exercise helps in maintaining long-term body weight is observed. In addition, the health benefits that owns the physical activity make all scientific societies related to health recommended exercise today.


Subsequent studies have reaffirmed these conclusions. Such is the case of the review published in 2014 by Swift and his colleagues ( “The role of exercise and physical activity in weight loss and maintenance”), where it was observed that unless the volume of aerobic activity is very high, loss weight happens is clinically insignificant. Still, the authors agree on the benefits of physical activity on health in general and in particular in maintaining long term weight.


The American College of Sports Medicine published a consensus document setting out that there was sufficient evidence to state that physical activity of moderate intensity (from 150 to 250 minutes per week) could help achieve a loss of only moderate weight and that a greater degree of physical activity (more than 250 minutes per week) was associated with significant weight loss significantly. If moderate physical activity is related dietary restriction, weight loss could be improved.


Specific recommendations for weight loss


In light of the studies, both types of treatments, diet and exercise should be used together to enhance weight loss. The health team should assess each individual case and establish a pattern of eating and activity specific physical for each person, in order to adapt their habits and customs and maximize the weight loss and maintenance of weight loss. The dietitian will consider current eating habits and establish, jointly with each individual diet plan low calorie diet and appropriate. As for physical activity, enhancing aerobic activities should, if possible daily, at least 20-30 minutes; although a study of the physical capacity of each person will be required to establish the intensity and duration of each activity.


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