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Dermiva Cream Reviews: Are you looking for a product to help you fight wrinkles and age signs? Obviously there are many creams, oils and pills. We want to describe one of these products: the Dermiva Cream. It is a set of two creams, designed to eliminate age signs, to smooth wrinkles and to give the skin the right moisturisation and softness. It is a clinically tested product that contains only natural ingredients. Why is Dermiva Cream so effective and what are customer experiences?

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What is the “Advanced Double Active Revitalizing” set of Dermiva Cream?

1 What is the “Advanced Double Active Revitalizing” set of Dermiva Cream?

1.1 1. Cream based on peptides, firming and revitalizing.

1.2 2. Intense eye cream

2 How was this cream born?

3 Ingredients

4 How to use them?

5 How to order the product?

6 Reviews and Customer Experience

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Dermiva Cream consists of two creams:

Cream based on Peptides, Firming and Revitalizing.

Formulated for face and neck. The cream smoothes the skin, leaving it smooth and soft after use. Reduces deeper wrinkles of face, neck and Hands; gradually eliminates unpleasant face pigments, which are usually hidden with make-up. The great advantage of Dermiva Cream is that it stimulates a natural rejuvenation process. By using it smoothly, the skin will be nourished, firm and hydrated.

Intense Eye Cream

This is the second cream of the set. It is formulated for the eye contour, an area that needs special treatment, because it is the most delicate and sensitive. The cream helps to remove the deeper wrinkles of the eye contour. It also eliminates the hate bags under the eyes and the swelling. Using this cream, the eye contour will be moisturized, nutritious and revitalized.

How was this Cream Born?

Dermiva Cream was born thanks to Professor Albert Bellange. It is a cream that revitalizes the DNA of the skin, as it acts intensely and deeply.

Professor Bellange says the results of this cream have been tested by hundreds of clinical trials.

Hydro Face Who can use this cream? The cream can be used by all women who notice the early signs of age, such as wrinkles, dry and aggressive skin, increased pigmentation, skin toning on the face, neck and body and for women over forty. No one can avoid age signs, but it’s important to see how fast they appear and to what extent. In part, it is due to genetics, partly to the lifestyle we conduct; an important role is attributed to how we take care of our skin.

Professor Ballange also states that cream can be used regardless of age. Dermiva Cream can also be used by young women, middle-aged women and older women who want to have a fresher and youthful appearance.


Customers are certainly interested in the composition of the cream. The manufacturer states that the cream is made up of 100% natural ingredients that act where needed, ie wrinkles and other signs of age that are more or less marked. Both creams contain a wide range of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and essential essential oils that strengthen the skin. All the ingredients are carefully selected to increase collagen production and skin elasticity, both for men and women. Only a healthy, moisturized, wrinkled skin may look beautiful.

How to use ?

The two creams should be used separately. The classic cream is used on clean and dry skin, previously detached from any impurities and make-ups. Gently massage a small amount of cream on the face, neck and body skin, with delicate circular movements. This cream is not suitable for eye contour. The second cream must be applied to this area. Also for this cream, it is recommended to apply a light layer on the eye contour.

The first results will appear after using the cream regularly for three weeks.

The manufacturer recommends using the cream for at least eight weeks, for several months. You will thus get lasting results. Dermiva Cream has no side effects due to its natural composition; however, they may show redness or skin rush. In this case, stop using the product. The cream can be used in total safety during pregnancy and lactation.

How to Order the Product?

Dermiva Cream can only be ordered on the manufacturer’s website. At present, delivery is free and the manufacturer guarantees 100% results. In case of dissatisfaction, the total refund is guaranteed. Payment is made upon delivery, upon receipt of the goods. Cream is not available in pharmacies.

Reviews and Customer Experiences

You will certainly be interested in knowing the buyers’ experiences.

There are still many reviews of this product since it is not available anywhere. However, it’s worth trying.


  1. Natural ingredients
  2. Easy to use
  3. First visible results
  4. Suitable for men and women of all ages

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