Borealis Skin Cream & Borealis Eye Serum Do Really Work?

Borealis Cream: Beautifully cultivated hands and a delicate skin are for me an beauty feature, which I can get with the new Borealis Cream. In doing so, I have really sensitive skin, which is mainly allergic to artificial additives. Particularly important to me is the gentle care of the eye part. That’s why I decide only for really good and seriously tested products. So I’m on the Cream with Borealis hearing. The small Borealis from Tibet made me curious and I wanted to test the positive nurturing characteristics myself. With this cream the skin is gently pampered from the inside out, so that signs of the aging of the skin have no chance. These are exclusively natural ingredients:


  • No parabene used, instead only natural ingredients
  • Grape seed oil is rejuvenating, firming and moisturizing
  • Jojoba oil strengthens connective tissue
  • Also contain vitamins C, B and E as well as iron and betaines


How Does the Borealis Cream effect?

I am thrilled by this fascinating cream. All day, my skin is supplied with the important moisture. There is neither premature drying nor unsightly gluing. As a result, I have smoother, neat and attractive skin. The pleasant fragrance is especially beneficial to me. All this is controlled by a specially developed Anti Age formula possible. Hendel’s Garden blends the positive features of the Eastern and Western world for an even better result. New developments and research are being combined with the ancient tradition of Tibet, the home of the Borealis. This way, the product is perfect and will certainly convince you. Collagen and elastin are stimulated. This reduces wrinkles and even the smallest wrinkles are virtually without any chance. This allows you to generate your sensitive eye parts within a short time. The result really surprised me.

How does Borealis Cream work?

The Borealis Cream application is easy. Just clean your face green. Then you can place a small amount from the cream pack in the desired places. Slight movements are sufficient and after a short time, the cream will already enter. Of course, you can also provide your neck, hands and neckline. Decide whether you decide to apply overnight or if you prefer to start the day with the scented cream. Both versions are easily possible. Best of all, of course, the daily use of the rich cream. But surely you will not want to do without this great feeling of freshness and suppleness.


Our Borealis Cream test

I definitely belong to the absolutely satisfied testers. I have absolutely convinced the product. Of course, I have already tried the most diverse care products. But this is my absolute favorite. The price-performance ratio is unbeatable for me. My skin has become much fresher and more relaxed. There are also no signs of allergy or intolerance. This is exactly what my friends have confirmed. To my great pleasure, no negative headlines are known to me. It is rightly a much lauded and high-quality product, which always performs really great. Of course, the demand is growing. That is why it can happen that my beloved Borealis Cream by Hendel’s Garden is sometimes out of print on the shelves.


General Borealis Cream experiences

I have decided for this care product, I get much more compliments. It’s just wonderful when you feel good in your own skin. I have the following experiences:

  1. My skin is softer and supple
  2. Small wrinkles are no longer visible
  3. They told me I looked a few years younger

With these positive facts, I really did not expect my purchase of the small tubes. Other testers also feel their skin healthier. This is probably because the Borealis Cream is simply wearing a good conscience. Finally, I do not want to leave any harmful additives to my skin.


Are there Known Side Sffects?

The really great thing about this product is that there are no side effects. No itchy skin, no headaches or the like. With this pure natural product you can really only realize many positive effects. The effective anti-aging ingredients are purely plant-based and so effective. A better rejuvenation cure is not known to me. The great success of the goji berries of Hendel’s Garden is justly right and absolutely deserved.


Where can I Buy Borealis Cream?

Maybe you are now also curious and want to convince yourself of this unique product. Sometimes you can find these big pack directly in the trade, in the well-sorted specialist shop. Sometimes the product range is changed or the item is out of print. Therefore, it is safer for you to purchase the cream directly from the manufacturer’s site. This is the most convenient way for you. Just place the order to click the image below.

Conclusion on the Product

All in all, I am very satisfied with the product. All my extensions were even exceeded. I would not have thought that a simple nursing product could achieve such a great effect. Significant positive changes in the skin become visible after a short time. For me, of course, not only the optics but also the health factor is decisive. And this is really top. I therefore speak a clear purchase recommendation. This investment will pay off for every woman. Otherwise you will miss something. If you want to pamper your skin, the cream with the Heavenly scented is Goji beeren my tip for you. Also as a gift the article is perfect. So you can dedicate precious girlfriends to your secret of beauty. If you do not want to give varicose veins a long time, then this gel is just the right product for you. Especially when you yourself already by dozens of other products that are supposed to help against spider veins and vein problems have, tried, you’ll see at a glance that this agent has a truly good effect. You feel this effect immediately after application. The application is completely uncomplicated and does not take much time. You rub your legs with the gel just in the morning before dressing and in the evening before going to sleep. This gel does not stick and leaves no residue on the skin and clothing. You can order the product easily on the Internet and get it delivered to your home. No side effects for the use of this gel are known. Even during pregnancy or lactation, this gel can be used against venous problems that often occur during pregnancy.



Borealis Serum Facts and ingredients


Borealis Serum: The highly effective serum was developed in monthly work by specialists. The unique guarantees top quality and effectiveness. The eyelash serum Borealis was studied by dermatologists and allergologists in an independent research center, with the rigorous testing of the efficacy and safety of the serum.  The beauty product makes the eyelashes not only stronger and denser, but also longer. The preparation is just the thing for all women, who naturally have short and lifeless eyelashes and for those whose eyelids have become thinner in the course of time. The effective eyelash serum promises visible success after only one month. Recommended by beauty experts, the serum was developed for all women who dream of long, powerful and voluminous eyelashes. Thanks to the unique formula, the growth phase of the eyelashes is lengthened, the eyelashes become denser, stronger and more powerful. The formula of the eyelash cream contains exclusively high quality ingredients. Scientific, laboratory tests have confirmed the safety and efficacy of the eyelash cream. In addition to water, pantheol and poropanediol, glycerin, acrylates C10 to 30 alkyl acrylates crosspolymer, biotinoyl tripeptides 1, ethylcloprostenolamides, dechloro dihydroxy difluoro, disodium EDTA, niacinamides, Panax ginseng root extract, ethylhexylglycerol, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxides and Soluble collagen and nettle extract.


How Does Borealis Serum Work?

The serum stimulates the growth of the eyelashes with its high-quality inhalants and ensures that the structure as well as the condition of the fine hairs improve. Already after a period of one month, first visible results can be noticed with regular application.

For the best results, the eyelash serum should be applied daily to the upper eyelid using the applicator. The contents of a pack with a volume of 3ml is sufficient for a 4 to 5-month application. Thanks to the supplied pipette, the application is extremely simple. In the first step, the eyes of make-up must be removed and dried. Then the serum is applied to the upper eyelid with the applicator, very similar to an eyeliner. It is recommended to apply the serum to the dried upper eyelid in the evening after cleansing.

Our Borealis Serum Test

Borealis Serum The benefits of the serum have been tested in numerous tests. The highly intense and extremely effective serum provides first visible results after only one month of application, in some cases even faster. With the application of the serum the eyelashes can almost be observed when growing. The stunning results not only include a very high lash density, but the hairs also grow longer and stronger, appear healthier and more cultivated. The test convinces not only the enormous effectiveness of the beauty product, but also the extremely attractive price-performance ratio. Numerous women have already tested the unique effect of the eyelash serum and the results are more than good. 95 per cent of the users have already seen a complete improvement of the eyelashes after 30 days. More than 95% of the testers rated the easy use of the serum as excellent and over 87% noticed that the eyelashes became longer, denser and stronger after only 8 weeks. Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that the active substances contained in the serum stimulate the growth of the lashes intensively and also prevent the hair loss of the fine eyelashes.


General Borealis Serum Experiences

They are enthusiastic about the tremendous effectiveness of the product and confirm that new hair has grown over a period of three months in areas where there are fewer eyelashes. The women who use the serum rate it positively. While some women have mentioned that they have not been able to see any clear results in the first few weeks, they recommend to bring some patience and wait for the results as they are truly incredible. The serum is usually referred to as superlatives, and women who have suffered from thin and little eyelashes have been able to give the remedy much more voluminous, denser and longer eyelashes after a few weeks of application. The good results put many users into wonder and ensure general enthusiasm. It is also positively assessed that the serum does not cause any irritation or redness in the sensitive eye area, as compared to other agents which can cause side effects.


Are there Known Side Effects?

Scientific studies did not reveal any side effects. The highly effective agent does not cause irritation or allergies. The trustworthiness and safety of the serum is confirmed by satisfied users worldwide. The Beauty preparation is suitable for both women and men, the product is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, with false eyelashes and for persons with permanent make-up. Only pregnant women, breastfeeding women and persons who had to undergo chemotherapy and minors should not use the serum. The safety and tolerability of the serum was confirmed by dermatological tests.


Where can I Buy Borealis Serum?

The serum is offered exclusively on the manufacturer’s website and can be ordered online. In addition to the online order, customers have the opportunity to order the beauty product by telephone, whereby all the necessary data for the realization of the order are transmitted by telephone. If you order the preparation online via the website, you have the opportunity to do this around the clock. To ensure that it is the original serum, it is recommended to order the product through the website of the manufacturer.


Conclusion on the Product

The serum stands for dense and long eyelashes. Since the highly effective serum was developed by specialists in monthly work, the unique formula guarantees the highest quality. The effective serum promises safety and a high degree of effectiveness and is suitable for all women who want longer, denser and more beautiful eyelashes. In particular, women who suffer from short, thin eyelashes naturally recommend the beauty treatment, which already promises first, visible results after a few weeks of application. Thanks to the unique formula, the growth phase of the lashes is lengthened. The lashes become not only denser and voluminous but also stronger.

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