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Body Slim Down is a solution designed to activate the metabolism in order to lose weight. Indeed, the higher the metabolism, the more the body spends calories and the more it burns fat. To stimulate fat burning, manufacturers of slimming products offer a multitude of boosters or boosters of metabolism. It is precisely one of these slimming products that we will go through to the end comb today: Body Slim Down, from Native Remedies.


Body Slim Down is a natural herbal remedy to maintain an optimal metabolism, to support and strengthen, gently and in depth, any weight loss process. According to the announcements of its manufacturer, Body Slim Down would offer the following advantages:


Body Slim Down is a slimming food supplement from Native Remedies. It is an American company which today won a great international success with these supplements with a herbal character for the well-being of the whole family. Native Remedies focuses on a selection of rigorous ingredients, manufacturing and extraction processes for GMP-certified active ingredients (Good Manufacturing Practices), as well as FDA-approved laboratories. In addition, this company plays the role of transparency by providing independent information on the different ingredients used in the composition of their products, in order to leave the consumer responsible for his health choices.


Fucus Vesiculosis

The fucus belongs to the category of green algae, and has an extremely rich profile. Indeed, this “vegetable of the sea” is full of minerals, vitamins, trace elements, anti oxidants and iodine, which make it an excellent ingredient for health in general. With regard to weight loss, the fucus has appetite suppressant properties, since it swells on contact with gastric fluids. It also acts as a booster of metabolism, especially by stimulating the thyroid gland. Finally, this alga plays a toning role of the system as a whole.

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This is actually the cleavers, to which we devoted a full article under the heading:  Cleavers, thin natural

The cleavers are excellent for the liver, but also for the nervous system and the respiratory system. Calming and soothing, it promotes stress reduction, one of the causes of weight gain. It purifies the blood, and also acts as a diuretic, thus promoting the elimination of toxins by the urine.

Garcinia is a very popular ingredient in the composition of slimming pills. And for good reason, this tropical fruit would have appetite suppressant properties, but that’s not all! Garcinia cambogia decreases blood cholesterol and triglycerides, activates fat cell degradation, and positively alters the metabolism of carbohydrates.


We’re just talking about dandelion here! This plant of our gardens has very powerful virtues. It tones the body as a whole, and purifies the liver and kidneys in particular. Diuretic, it strengthens the elimination of toxins, but also excess water, which promotes weight loss and fight against cellulite.

Glabra of Glycyrrhiza

This is the other name of licorice, which fights against digestive disorders and constipation. Licorice contains flavonoids that stimulate the oxidation of fatty acids, and help reduce triglyceride levels in the liver and blood.

Its main compound, glycyrrhizin, would increase the circulation of cortisol, which, according to some laboratories, would be housed mainly in the abdominal area.

Eritrea centaurium

Scientific name of the knapweed, a flower that stimulates digestion and brings energy to the body. Knapweed also has diuretic, depurative and calming effects.


Guarana is considered an appetite suppressant and a natural fat burning. It contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant of the nervous system (and improves vigilance, concentration and reduces fatigue) but also as a metabolism activator, stimulating fat burning. In addition, guarana reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on digestive disorders.

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This root is a powerful anti inflammatory, especially the intestines and digestive system as a whole. It fights against parasites, cleans the blood of its possible toxins, and has powerful antioxidant virtues. It also acts as a natural and powerful fat burner.


Or ginger! You know it well, since it often returns in diet pills, because of its fat burning and stimulating digestive virtues. Ginger also strengthens the body’s immune system.


Capsicum is the active substance of Cayenne pepper. It is recognized for its ability to stimulate metabolism significantly, and to activate fat burning.


What are the scientific data for the ingredients in Body Slim Down? We summarize here the data collected for the main ingredients of the composition of these slimming drops.

To date, data on Garcinia Cambogia are not sufficient to ensure that this ingredient is effective in controlling overweight. Several studies have been carried out, which demonstrate the effects of weight loss of Garcinia, but only in the short term, and not significantly. Further studies on a larger scale are needed to evaluate this complement reliably. However, we found a study in which a daily dose of 2.4 g of Garcinia, in combination with a diet, allowed a slight increase in weight loss without reducing the feeling of hunger.

Studies on guarana confirm its ability to increase the oxidation of fat, directly related to its content of caffeine and methylxanthine, which alter carbohydrate metabolism.

Studies on curcumin, which is the active substance of turmeric, have shown that this substance has the ability to reduce production of C-reactive protein, known to block sending the message of satiety to the brain and generate weight gain.

As for ginger, it has been shown that a daily intake of 2g with breakfast increases thermogenesis, as well as reduces the feeling of hunger.

Body Slim Down Introduction


Body Slim Down is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. It is also recommended to check the absence of any possible allergy to one of the ingredients included in this supplement.

The homeopathic nature of this food supplement makes it a very safe product because the doses contained in the product are perfectly studied to be effective without having to be too strong. This is the very principle of homeopathy, which shows a real effectiveness on the body with dosages of very light active substances. It is in fact the dilutions and the activation of the molecules of the plants that lead to the effectiveness of the product, in depth.


This natural supplement is recommended as part of a global slimming approach, that is, in combination with a varied and balanced diet, regular physical activity, and good hydration (1.5 L of water per day) and good stress management, through relaxation practices for example.

Body Slim Down is in the form of drops. The recommended dosage is 10 to 15 drops, to be taken at a rate of 3 times a day in a glass of water.


Body Slim Down is popular for the vast majority of people who have tried it. Testimonials speak of a very effective product, which boosts energy levels, increases motivation, and gives quick results. We note loss of size, but also weight loss, with for example 3kg less in 3 weeks of treatment.


Body Slim Down is available at a free trial the 60 capsule bottle, equivalent to 30 days of treatment.

The manufacturer offers a satisfied or refunded guarantee after a minimum of 30 days of use and a maximum of one year! On its official website, it offers this type of warranty on all its product range, with a clearly displayed return address.


  • Serious and recognized manufacturer
  • Reliable Ingredients
  • Accurate and safe dosing
  • Reasonable price
  • Convenient to take anywhere


Body Slim Down is a very promising homeopathic remedy to support a global weight loss approach. A product that works in depth and satisfies consumers is a good starting point for strengthening diet and physical activity.

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