BlackCore Edge Male Enhancement Reviews – Does It Realy Work? you’ve read any of our reviews before, you’ve probably noticed that sometimes we have talked about “scams with free trials”. I have seen many examples of such scams in recent years that no longer surprise me. But recently I found one that seems even more misleading than usual.

It is a product called BlackCore Edge and depending on where you find the ad, is touted as a supplement before exercise, or is a supplement after exercise, or is a testosterone enhancer, or even find that says be a male enhancer pill.

Read this review to see all the information we have about the product so you can know what reality is.

BlackCore Edge as a Supplement before Exercise

I learned BlackCore Edge for the first time when one of the site’s readers asked me to review a new supplement before exercise he was considering. I provided the league product website and that was where I started my research.

On the website, BlackCore Edge is presented primarily as a supplement before exercise. He says provide energy, help build muscle mass faster, burn fat and many other things that one looks for in a pill to prepare our body for a strong workout.

BlackCore Edge as a supplement for after exercise

But the bottle says it is “BlackCore Edge Post Workout” (after exercise), so what is it really? Is it used before exercise or after exercise? Most products are not specific and are taken at any time to improve the results of diet and exercise. But unlike these, BlackCore Edge if you specify something.

But they say that does both, which is somewhat confusing. Products for after exercise usually focus on Branched Chain Amino Acids. These amino acids help muscles recover and rebuild faster and more completely after your workouts.

This means you can return before the gym and continue quickly to achieve the results you want.

BlackCore Edge says that it is a regime in a bottle after exercise, but when we review the ingredients we know whether or not true.

BlackCore Edge as Testosterone Enhancer

In the bottle itself, BlackCore Edge also says it is a “Natural testosterone enhancer” with benefits to your libido, energy, strength and vitality.

The website says that the unique blend of ingredients in BlackCore Edge has proven to increase male testosterone level while also increasing metabolism.

BlackCore Edge as Male Enhancer Pill

Many of the supplements to the exercise say they also benefit your sex life. The reason for this is that some of the ingredients that strengthen you in the gym also strengthen you in the bedroom. An increase in testosterone also increase your libido, performance and energy. Man today care much you three things: sports, entertainment and provide great pleasure to his wife. So when a product says it works as a male enhancer pill, men pay attention.

An increase in nitric oxide, containing element most supplements before exercise will help increase blood flow so that you can have erections for longer and harder.

So it’s not uncommon for a supplement to the exercise say “by the way, you can also have better sex”. BlackCore Edge takes things further.

Ingredients BlackCore Edge

Well, we have already established that marketing is a scam but what if it really works? Do you not want to use it? Maybe.

So we investigate to see that contains the formula thereby hoping we could know what his performance.

Well, find the formula BlackCore Edge is a very difficult task. The official website offers no information about it. When we look at third-party websites, we found four different lists of ingredients.

  • One mentioned L-Arginine, Niacin and Vitamin C.
  • Another mentioned Epimedium, Tongkat Ali and Serenoa.
  • The third mentioned Wild Yam, Ginseng and Muira Puama.
  • The latter focused on protein and creatine.

There may be other websites that mention more ingredients, but now stopped looking better. It is difficult to rely heavily on BlackCore Edge to meet this situation, but let’s see now the straw that broke the camel.

The Scam Free Test BlackCore Edge

The only way to buy online BlackCore Edge is through a free trial offer. It is not available in stores and can not find on sites like Once you try to make an online order, you are asked to register for a free trial.

BlackCore Edge Free Trial

You pay only $ 4.95 for shipping and they will send a budget for 30 days. They would like you to think that there just things, but it is not. But if you read the fine print, you will realize that you are signing up for a plan Autoship.

If you do not call and cancel within 14 days of when you made your order, you will be charged $ 89.95 for the “free” bottle you have and you will be sent a new bottle every month for full price. How are you?

What Sold in Stores?

I do not think so. I check in GNC, Walmart, Walgreens / CVS and Vitamin Shoppe and none of those stores had it for sale. Wow, they had not even heard about this product!

You really use it porn stars?

Probably not. There are many websites that claim that male porn stars use a pill that makes gain much size, but it is clear that these ads are fake and are only created to try to bring down people.

Are there real reviews BlackCore Edge?

I do not think so because all I could find are “reviews” that have actually been written by someone who does not speak the language and you’ve probably never heard of the product. Similarly reviews on Youtube are equally rare and useless.


BlackCore Edge leaves no doubt about what matters most to them: get your money. They do not mind other things and is so clear that not even bother to make clear that is supposed to be the product. They simply want to catch customers who may be deceived by their scam.

Some of you might be wondering, ” Well, but what if it really works? “ While this review has focused more on him to see how they operate and fraud that are trying to apply for you to waste your money and not about whether the product works, stop thinking about this for a minute: if your product really was so well, do you think would be using tactics distasteful to try to catch as many potential customers think?

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