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L ‘ Acne is one of the problems plaguing not only teenagers and can bring consequences in adulthood, because it may leave important marks

The inestimation that comes from the presence of pimples also causes psychological discomfort, problems in the relationship, shyness. Solutions, however, exist and can be found in the pharmacological treatments of official medicine and even in the traditional medicine, such as ayurvedic medicine. We refer to the BellaLumi product, a natural cream that can finally solve your problem in a completely natural way.


1 What is BellaLumi and how it works

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What is BellaLumi and how it works

BellaLumi is marketed in the form of cream that you will have to take every day, according to the indicated dose and has no contraindication.

Pimping can take a lot of time, if it is to apply creams and to follow the prescriptions with topical products.

In this case, instead, you just need to ingest the tablets to solve the acne problem “from inside” and not just externally. One of the main causes of acne is skin impurities, toxins that accumulate on the dermis and which form the ideal situation for the development of bacteria, infections, irritations, pruritis, painful conditions, and so on.

The pores clogged with sebum , which blend into the airborne substances and the particles of urban pollution , can cause the severity of acne to reach important levels so as to require an impact , just as with the BellaLumi cream.

The tablets are all based on natural substances such as dandruff which is anti-inflammatory, aloe vera (emollient and normalizing), bardana root (purifying) and licorice root, which cleanses the skin, also acting on spots caused by ‘acne.

These are some of the elements that make BellaLumi a high quality product, designed for anyone who wants to act specifically on a problem like acne and pimples. The skin is then repaired by the body itself and is why you can see great results, even on the signs that usually leave the pimples.

The skin looks more uniform with a visible remedy of those spots where pimples have created dizziness, hyper pigmented or sensitive areas, but also true scarring.

BellaLumi, being a natural product, does not have any contraindications, except to avoid taking it in conjunction with other drugs such as antibiotics (in this case, it is always best to ask an opinion to your doctor).

However, the cream is compatible with the birth control pill.

There are no limitations on skin types, and the first results are already visible within a few weeks. The treatment can last up to 6 months, but after 3, your skin will become smooth again and without the shadow of residual imperfections.

The advantages

BellaLumi has the advantage not to contain chemical substances and to act not only at the dermis level (as we have mentioned, the use of topical creams requires some consistency and time), balancing the “inside” the organism and guaranteeing the result of a smooth and clear skin within a few months, without contraindications.

BellaLumi Reviews

Who has already used BellaLumi has remained positively surprised at what the product has been able to do on the skin subjected to acne, even the severe one, which may affect the back and chest.

Among the most striking examples we can mention is that of Susan, 28 years of the UK: she has always had serious problems with acne. His new job was in touch with the people and, trying a cycle with BellaLumi , he realized not only that his face was normal and no pimples but also that his career had a new impetus to the point where received a promotion.

Even Steve, a 35-year-old American, has always had to struggle to have a face that allows him to relate without shyness, has tried BellaLumi and things have definitely improved. Finally, his relationships with women no longer have the big obstacles ahead.

Peter, a 17-year-old boy was helped by his father, who, aware of BellaLumi, wanted to try him. Now Peter no longer has problems with the looks and comments of his comrades, because his face is free from acne. He can finally experience his teenage life without this weight.


What do you expect to finally get rid of the hated pimples? Take advantage of the offer from the selected site, with “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee!

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