AvoirDerma Reviews – Anti Aging Cream! Composition, Effects, Price is an anti aging cream used mainly among oily skin with visible acne lesions. It allows to eliminate acne vulgaris in the form of blackheads and papules-pustular pustules, cleansing the face by deep penetration into the skin tissue of its active ingredients. It is used in the treatment of adolescent acne as well as in adults. Studies have shown its low harmfulness to the skin – it leaves the skin smooth, without impurities and excessive dryness.

The best means for acne without a prescription.

AvoirDerma Composition

AvoirDerma contains mainly benzoyl peroxide, which acts antibacterial and keratolytic, removing excess sebum from the face and eliminating not only the clear effects of acne, but also leaving the face deeply cleansed. Thanks to its synthetic origin, it perfectly manages the exfoliation of old, horny skin, which causes the appearance of adverse skin changes. In addition, it perfectly disinfects the complexion and makes it remain flawless.

AvoirDerma Use

AvoirDerma should be used externally. Wash the face with lesions with cream 1-2 times a day – do not apply it only to single changes, but to the entire surface of the skin, which is covered by acne. Before and after using the medicine, wash your hands thoroughly in warm, running water, so as not to spread the bacteria and dirt that may contribute to exacerbating the inflammation of the skin.

It is worth remembering to avoid contact with the eyes and the surrounding area of ​​the mouth and nose. Protect clothing from contact with the preparation (discoloration of the fabric may be possible). In addition, carefully use the neck and other sensitive areas. Do not use the product after the expiry date. Keep the ointment in a dark and dry place, out of reach of children.

Of course, the use of the ointment is not everything – it is worth supporting it with a stable, varied diet, from which we will eliminate carbohydrates, sharp and fatty products, as well as food products that raise the level of sugar in the blood. They do not have a beneficial effect on the condition of our complexion and worsen the lesions. You should eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water with lemon, which will perfectly cleanse our body of unnecessary toxins and give the complexion more shine.

Do not forget about the elimination of large amounts of alcohol, which contains adverse substances that cause dryness and excessive sensitivity.

AvoirDerma Contraindications

People who are hypersensitive to benzoyl peroxide, pregnant women and breastfeeding women should consult a physician and follow the special instructions contained in the package leaflet or the manufacturer’s website. After the first application ointment may occur mild burning, and after a few days gradual exfoliation of the skin and redness of the skin. No other side effects have been demonstrated so far.

AvoirDerma Price

The drug is available without a prescription, both in fixed pharmacies, as well as online and on the official website of the manufacturer. AvoirDerma in the basic version is a tube with a capacity of 40 g, the price of which fluctuates around PLN 30.

AvoirDerma Reviews

This cream has already been popularized among people with acne skin and collected a lot of opinions about themselves. Here is one of them that best reflects his actions:

Shanella wrote:

,, A very effective cream, it always helps me in critical situations. It exfoliates the skin, thanks to which it unblocks the pores and cleanses them effectively. The most important is to use it systematically. At the beginning it can lightly dry and irritate the skin, but you must patiently survive this period. The smell is not very interesting. You can buy it without a prescription. I recommend it because it helped me. ”

As you can see, the only drawbacks of this product are light dryness and irritation of the skin at the beginning of the application and unpleasant, irritating odor. As for this price, however, this product seems to rank first in the ranking of ointments used for acne skin. It is, of course, consult your doctor in case of any doubts about the use of this drug and discuss your skin problem with an experienced dermatologist.

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