Athletic Greens Super food review – Does work good Or Scam?


The Athletic Greens Super food Cocktail



Athletic Greens: Who the bestsellers “The 4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferris knows (author of “The 4-Hour Work Week”) and has read the will now know what is behind the 2 words:

My favorite BIO konzentrat! This is my all-in-one insurance package. It contains 76 ingredients including insulin for bacterial balance. (Best-selling author Timothy Ferris, The 4-Hour-Workweek, 4 Hour Body)

Sounds ever promising, if a well known author, the very high value on efficiency and quality, are those words from him. This of course made us more curious. We wanted to test themselves what lies behind the hype surrounding Athletic Greens hides. Below you read our review.

But first, a word of clarification: In general, we do not believe in excessive consumption of powders and food supplements. We are doing nothing about fresh food. The optimum nutritional needs satisfied with natural “real” food. Any dietary supplement should be enjoyed really aware, especially in moderation. It can not be healthy to use 70% of its food in the form of powders and capsules to be. That is our opinion. We are part of nature and should provide our body with natural foods as possible.


Athletic Greens – the “other” powder?

Athletic Greens Pullover and Drink;

Fresh start in the morning with the Super food Drink Athletic Greens;

Every vegan and non-vegan athlete will certainly sooner or later have in the house again, the dietary supplements and protein powders. Some have the whole range of products (what a word!) Provides the dietary supplement market as, perhaps by tested. Do not ever hold the producers really but what they promise. Therefore here applies closer look, try and observe and most different opinions read. So you get a good overview.

Money will always be a good investment and if something does not work, you should not continue to buy and consume.

Why Athletic Greens?

Especially for active, temporally integrated and traveling people, for the healthy diet in everyday necessity sometimes comes too short, where their well-being and their health but at heart, provides Athletic Greens one, as we find good alternative.

Athletic Greens is a “Super Food cocktail” consisting of 76 high-quality organic ingredients. It serves as a healthy energy, vitamin and nutrient source and ensures optimum performance and also supports the weight reduction.

What is Athletic Greens well?

If you want to lead a healthy and energetic life, you know that your body needs certain substances in order to make this possible. With a healthy and varied diet, it is possible to supply the body daily with the best food.

But let’s face it: With all the commitments that call by work and family, we succeed then always to nourish ourselves daily so?

If it has to be fast times, the optimal nutrient remains then but fast times on the track. Everyone knows the little nasty moments when the will is there, but the convenience wins. The bastard says hello.

Exactly for this reason, Athletic Greens launched. For people who despite lack of time or those who, for any reason whatsoever, simply find no pleasure in fruits and vegetables, provides Athletic Greens the possibility that solve nutritional problems in a straightforward manner.


GET READY Athletic Greens, if you feed you well?

Who eats his 5-10 servings of fresh vegetables daily, is on the safe side and requires Athletic Greens not necessarily. Some people actually manage to meet this target. Unfortunately, there are however many more people who can not always implement it. 

If you meet your daily target (5 servings of fruits and vegetables, as athletes are recommended 10 servings), you lower the risk of developing the following:

Cardiovascular disease

Cancer (colon, prostate, breast, uterus, stomach, lymph, thyroid)


High blood pressure

Type 2 diabetes


Heart attack

Eyes Erkankungen


Chronic bronchitis


Whether it’s up to the non-willing or not being able to, is certain:  88% of Germans eating less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, as the DKV Report of Sport University Cologne: “How healthy living Germany?” 2010 reports.

Despite the plentiful supply in our supermarkets and variety of healthy eating vitamin deficiency is still a too little illuminated subject.

The Super food product Athletic Greens want to solve this dilemma and want people who do not have their daily nutritional needs for a long time able to cover, help to compensate for their deficits.

What is behind Athletic Greens?

The manufacturers of super food powder advertise first big words: “All their vitamins and nutrients in 30 seconds or less!” In just one during per day we are all important vitamins and nutrients get our bodies need.

Many a would the very American-looking advertising and presentation hunt right first into the distance.

Nevertheless, we did not want to scare us. The manufacturer is now not even German. So we accept the “other” standards so instead, if anything can be read between the lines. The overblown promises defiance we find it very interesting, compelling and promising figures on the website of Athletic Greens. So let’s see, what’s inside the Super Food cocktail.

The Athletic Greens Ingredients:

In short, the ingredients in Athletic Greens can be divided into

Alkaline, raw and extremely nutrient-rich green vegetables

Nutrient-rich, natural extracts from super foods

Herbs and antioxidants

Prebiotics and probiotics

And naturally occurring digestive enzymes and minerals,


Athletic Greens wants to score with unique feature:

The only all-natural Super food cocktail of whole food – The only all natural mega-nutrient supplement that covers the daily nutritional needs of active people. All in a drink. Of course, all organically. “

With that attracts the manufacturers – and adapts so well to the needs of today’s consumers to. Today it is as fast, efficient, natural, organic and of the highest quality be.

Athletic Greens 76 Inhaltsstoffe in 30 Seconded,

As “organic” is Athletic Greens?

We Athletic Greens just test you and we the ingredients are very important, which is why we wanted to take a closer look closer, we have contacted the manufacturer directly to the question of organic quality following response received:

For each ingredient we have used the highest quality and most natural source available. This means that the majority of our ingredients are organically grown. Some ingredients can not be certified as “organic”, for example, extracts, grown in greenhouses ingredients and minerals (which are technically inorganic). We won the minerals from the biologically shape there. “(Excerpt from the email exchange with the Customer Support)

For that Athletic Greens from all 76 ingredients composed, we find the answer acceptable. A fair deal. Finally, you can already be lucky if 50% of the food that you take in daily life to be ever almost organic quality has. Sometimes we do not want to know how much chemistry we absorb unwittingly in us. 

Athletic Greens Inhaltsstoffe:

Look at the high-quality ingredients consisting of raw food super food extracts, digestive enzymes and more.

How and where Athletic Greens is manufactured?

What distinguishes the product is the production with the cold production process. All ingredients are (immediately after harvest) freeze-dried, whereby the molecular structures have been preserved. They are then cold milled and added to the formula. This type of synthesis is one of the most important quality criteria and distinguishes reputable food manufacturers. The nature of the composition and selection of raw materials play a major role in choosing a “greens” product. The exact content you see in the picture above.

Athletic Greens is in one of the Australian Drug Administration TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) registered work produced in New Zealand. As the company informs on the website, the standards of the plant exceed the guidelines of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA (Regulatory food control and Drug Administration of the USA) “by far”.

Incidentally, good to know: nutritionists and research postgraduates with “more than 60 years of experimental and clinical experience” were involved in the development and composition of the product.

Athletic Greens – interesting for whom?

The power drink is especially suitable for people who,

Physically active are:  Athletes in particular have a higher nutrient requirements. The necessary energy supplies Athletic Greens with its unique mix of micronutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

Despite lack of time want to do something for their health: the great advantage is the quick and easy intake, which is everywhere and in between possible. Hardly any other product of such high quality that offers a wealth of nutrients and super foods – and tastes good doing it.

Want to increase their power and energy: Coffee Comes Spring, Athletic Greens is a healthy pick-me of a different kind.

Want to reduce their weight: suitable for people who want to reduce their weight in a healthy way. The drink is diatfreundllich and compatible with many due to the low carbohydrate content low crab diets.

Athletic Greens Active;

The super food drink for health conscious and active people;

Ingestion and effect:

In order from the positive effect of Athletic Greens to benefit, it is best daily in the morning on an empty stomach taken. For this purpose, a measuring spoon (included in the package) in still water (depending on taste in the beginning or the like apple juice, which is then gradually mixed with water and finally evades entirely on water) stirred. The powder dissolves after brief stirring quickly and the deep green Power Juice can be enjoyed immediately.

Thus, the manufacturer wants to convince: More than 70 organic ingredients in less than 30 seconds.

Can we convince Athletic Greens now?

The Athletic Greens taste:

Athletic Greens initially falls by its sweet and fruity taste on, which is perceived individually. We find it enjoyable. At first it may be used to for one or the other, because a plethora of flavors hits (by the numerous fruit extracts) successively.

We all know it: Sometimes it’s just a habituation question. Was called it initially, “oh my God, this is strange”, so one tends to say a short time later: “I love this stuff, it tastes great”;)

So for some it may be the tastiest super foods drink is that they have ever tasted, the other of the mix is then “too sweet”. Some taste here, unlike feared no “bemusing” Score out, but rather a trace of chocolate. Cocoa extracts are quite included in the drink. At the same time it has the finish slightly sweet and sour. The sweet fruit extracts meet here tangy citric acid. Many others like Athletic Greens again reminiscent of a chewing gum childhood (except that there is dealing with 100% natural ingredients). Whether it tastes, which must ultimately each find out for them?

We can currently only imagine our day did not start with the delicious, green drink. The already to start the day with full of energy, is not only enjoyable, but in the meantime (or actually after a short time) and a positive impact in the power range.

The product should be stored in the refrigerator by the way in the lockable box and used up within 2-3 months.


Athletic Greens effect:

In addition to the supply of essential nutrients to the regular and long-term intake of Athletic Greens felt that increase energy level and boost performance. Not only does this positive effect on the mood of, Athletic Greens also affect positively on the healing of – injury from sports heals faster. The immune system is strengthened and significantly improves the company’s defenses. So a skin first nothing so quickly ;).

More power? How does it work?

Athletic Greens is composed of whole foods whose ingredients are obtained in their natural form. In contrast to the fresh produce, which often lose good stuff with a long transport time must, vitamins and enzymes of the ingredients of the product are still intact, as they are processed immediately after harvest. This body is supplied with proper power. That you feel then.

Athletic Greens 20 Present Rabat

About 70 plant organic raw food super food content: All the nutrients and vitamins in 30 seconds. 

Unlike the energy drink:

Unlike many other energy drinks, sets Athletic Greens not mainly caffeine (green tea extract, however, is in a low dose included) and exerts its effect solely by the combination of natural Power foods as Spiraling , Chlorella and Others and herbal extracts, dairy-free probiotics and various digestive enzymes and the Super mushroom complex.

With a measuring spoon (12g) you take all of 8393 mg of alkaline, nutrient-dense and raw super food complex.

How does that sound to you on: Imagine that you could already morning after getting up easily in less than 30 seconds to cover your nutritional needs and a jump on the day?

Give it a try if it talks to you. We test Athletic Greens now slightly longer than 4 weeks and still love it. No day begins without the morning dark green Power Trunk)

Who is here to experiment or change wishes in texture and flavor, which can of course also as an ingredient for shakes use? This simple smoothie recipe you can try it and will not be guaranteed to be disappointed by the action and the flavor). Really incredibly delicious!

Athletic Greens Super food Smoothie;

1 half a banana

1/2 mango


Ice cubes

1 shot guava juice

1 scoop / tablespoon Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Super food Smoothie

Delicious and healthy: the Athletic Greens Super food Smoothie

Allow your body to adjust to AG:

If you want to convince yourself, bring a little patience: the effect is at some not immediately but only after 7-14 days noticeable. This is the time it takes for the body to adjust to the new “high-profile” supply.

Depending on how your present state of health, the initial effect can be quite different. For example, I first had a kind of detoxification phase the first few days. This reminded me strongly of my first Smoothie Detox Week that I made in 2012 and first got a thick cold (so the body reacts when it detoxifies, he will then remove all “unnecessary” from the body, thus added the new good nutrients can be). We have now tested the product for 6 weeks. So I have really noticed that has something in me “worked” and converted by Athletic Greens.


Wax and energetic – Coffee Comes Spring;

What we especially have noticed since the beginning of ingestion: we feel incredibly energetic and awake. For coffee lovers among you, that should be interesting (of course only if you want to get away from coffee ;)). Since I previously my mood and my energy level often made dependent on the morning latte (kept alive the whole me 20 minutes before the tired and Anaphase began), I know the difference, the Athletic Greens has, greatly appreciated.

As strange as it may sound, I have not only my alertness levels made dependent on the coffee, but also my well-being. While caffeine stimulates known to the metabolism and digestion. “Antioxidants in coffee aqua coffee are healthy” or not – only brings caffeine from coffee in excessive consumption also pretty much in the body by another: food cravings (especially for sweets), palpitations, cold hands / feet, etc. This was at least for me often the case with coffee. Perhaps knows one or the other, the phenomenon (one could also speak of the illusion of coffee).

You can use the so times with you test yourself, how you feel, if you ever omits coffee a few days (for some time now determines a nightmare – that should be a clear warning, because we are not born with coffee addiction).

Improved gut micro flora and digestive:

By digestive enzymes and pre biotics and pro biotics in Athletic Greens is here in a very natural fashion flora reactivated and in their “original position” reset. The enzymes ensure proper digestion and optimal nutrient absorption (at damaged digestive tract can be limited nutrient absorption, which inevitably leads to deficiency states – despite a healthy diet).

Where the manufacturer delivers what it promises?

In the EU for several years, makes the Health Claims Regulation that it producers of prohibited food supplements, their product prices with no scientifically proven health benefits and promote.

Positive effect of fruit / vegetable powder scientifically:

Especially for people with bemerkbarem nutrient deficiencies are the following study results interesting:

Subjects taking a greens powder for 12 weeks improved their mood a little and their energy level significantly

In obese women who took a fruit / vegetable powder and trained, could lower values of oxidative stress and inflammation in the body are found

Heavy smokers who took a fruit / vegetable powder suffered less oxidative stress

The cardiovascular health of a group of smokers improved while they took a fruit powder

Conventional vitamin preparations vs. Athletic greens:

In conventional vitamin preparations (e.g. multivitamin tablets) most essential nutrients can be found again. What distinguishes them from fruit / vegetable powders, on the one hand, the composition of ingredients and on the other hand the production? 

Vitamin preparations:

Contain chemically synthesized isolates:

Vitamin C is produced synthetically in the laboratory and is only in its pure form – ascorbic acid – before

Vitamin supplements often come in the form of capsules made of gelatin and other chemicals or as compressed tablets before, with important ingredients are destroyed or lost – here remains the question of how these substances pollute the health more than strengthen.

Fruit / vegetable powder;

Consist of the concentrated form of whole foods:

Ingredients are freeze-dried in cold production process, thereby maintaining the molecular structures

Natural vitamin C from fruits is a complex of other plant enzymes and micronutrients ago – natural vitamin C had a longer duration of action and is better absorbed by the body

By the gentle production process, the light- and heat-sensitive vitamins and nutrients in Athletic Greens the body directly available in their natural form – vitamins derived from purely natural sources.

Athletic Greens compared to other super food powders:

Compared to other products provides Athletic Greens with 76 ingredients, the greatest variety. Also, the powder sticks with its pleasant taste produced, despite dispensing with artificial flavors. The Super food Complex contains high quality ingredients such as spiraling, wheat grass, alfalfa, chlorella, aerial cherry and much more. And fully relies on organic ingredients. Athletic Greens delivers the highest micronutrient density. Here more in the test.

Price: What is the price of Muscle Green?

A 300 ml glass of super food drinks cost an average of about $ 4.20. Bearing in mind that each 12-gram serving of Super full raw green vegetables, antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, cofactors, mushrooms, vitamins, adaptogens, trace elements and minerals infected, which is a plausible price. Finally, here convinced the effect. How often do we give no more thinking about traveling times just 4-5 $ for a coffee from which / our bodies compared brings us very little (except for the one or other benefit and the brief awakening feeling).

Athletic Greens 12 Portioned Obit und Gem use:

The Super food powder Unwrought and organic quality – a welcome companion in everyday life

An Athletic Greens pack (360g) costs comparatively not very little. However, the combination of ingredients is also unique. To enable the price for a wide audience, Athletic Greens therefore provides the so-called loyalty customer program on. Do not worry: If a multi-year subscription feared here from which one can not get out and loses horrendous sums, we can reassure: up to 3 days before each delivery of the shipment without further explanation can be stopped.

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