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Formula amino acid to promote resistance, hydration and recovery!

Alpha Amino is an innovative formula designed to provide amino acids at any time and place. Its advanced formula has been developed with 5 grams of Baca’s (leucine, isoleucine and valine) and 3 types of leucine to maximize the arrival of leucine to your muscles, help protect muscle mass and help maintain glycogen stores during training .


This is a snapshot and supplemented formula with up to 11 essential and nonessential amino acids including Glutamine is included. Alpha Amino also presents different minerals and enhancer complex hydration.

Alpha Amino. Main features:

No calories.

It contains no carbohydrates.

More than 7.5g per dose * amino acids.

5 g of BCAA per dose *.

2 500 mg of essential amino acids and nonessential dose *.

2 500 mg Alpha-Hydrate formulated per dose *.

Easy dissolution and incredible flavors.

366 g per container (30 doses).

* Dose: 12.2 grams.

Alpha Amino. Main effects:

Avoiding maintains muscle mass catabolism.

It stimulates protein synthesis, the net positive nitrogen balance and muscle development.

It reduces muscle pain and maintains strength.

It helps maintain hydration status.

Alpha Amino. The science behind:

Alpha Amino is a product mainly made ​​of amino acids instant dissolution and consumption is intended to protect the musculature of protein catabolism before and during workouts. Muscles are the basic tool for every athlete and are necessary to protect the muscle to get the best performance every day. In addition consumption branched amino acids and essential power promotes recovery and subsequent training adaptations, enhancing sports results and improvements in either strength or endurance sports.

Alpha Amino features 3 distinct complexes:

Alpha-BCAA ™ (5000 mg): composed exclusively BCAAs: 3x ™ leucine (L-leucine, leucine leucine nitrate and peptides), L-isoleucine and L-valine micronized micronized. BCAAs are the primary amino acids for muscle, muscular provide protection, increased protein synthesis, reducing fatigue and speeding recovery.

Alfa-Amino ™ (2500 mg): mixture of micronized amino acids of particular interest to the muscle and muscle building as glutamine, alanine, L-citrulline, L-arginine, L-threonine, L-lysine, L-phenylalanine, L- tyrosine, histidine and L-methionine.

Alfa-Hydrate (2500 mg) composed of micronized taurine, coconut milk powder, dipotassium phosphate, disodium phosphate, dimagnesium phosphate and seed extract chia (formula Salvia hispanica ), extract containing amino acids along with a lot of minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, fiber and contains omega-3. All these ingredients are intended to avoid dehydration during your workouts.

Alpha Amino also contains minerals such as calcium, essential for bone and muscle contraction. Magnesium, mineral needed for energy metabolism, nervous system, fluid balance and muscle function. Besides phosphates and potassium.

Alpha Amino. Main objectives:


Muscle definition.


Muscle development.


Weight loss.


Preserves musculature.


Recovery and muscle maintenance.


Who can benefit from Alpha Amino?

Fitness athletes or weight training practitioners who wish to protect your musculature muscle catabolism either definition or periods to maximize weight gain in volume phases.

Athletes with very intense workouts to prevent catabolism and simultaneously contribute to hydration status.

General population, you want to protect your muscle mass the effect of age, injuries, detentions.

Alpha Amino. How to combine:




Alpha Amino be combined with a multitude of products. Before training can be combined with a pre-workout product (C4 EXTREME) or precursors of nitric oxide without caffeine (NO3 Crome). During training it may be necessary also consume a product with easily digested carbohydrates like amylopectin or sports drinks, especially if the activity is very strong or durable. And after training is advisable to consume a product based protein and carbohydrates, the composition of post-workout shake depend on the objective, for example definition is advisable to consume protein isolate or a product with a low fat and carbohydrates Performance Whey COR, while if the goal is to increase muscle mass will require the energy and carbohydrate content is greater.

If the goal is to increase muscle mass, it may be advisable to consume between hours a concentrated whey protein or sequential. It can also be consumed before bedtime casein, creatine or products that enhance hormone production as ZMA, Tribulus terrestris, Fenugreek prohormone or complex products that combine different ingredients.


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