5 Best Male Enhancement Supplements to Increase Sexual Performance in 2017

Sexual performance increased with the 5 best natural remedies, vitamins and supplements of 2017. Men and women look for formulas to increase their performance in bed, with the goal of pleasing the partner, boosting their self-esteem, feeling good, and improving the relationship. This is completely normal and understandable, and can be solved in a much simpler and faster way. Supplements currently do not only serve to slim down but also to increase your sexual performance and contribute to a life to two lighter and happier. Next you will know the 5 best ones in the market. Check price and where to buy!

This Page Talks About:

1 Edge Test Booster

2 DXL Male Enhancement

3 InvigorateX Male Enhancement

4 AlphaMan Pro

5 Alpha XTRM

Edge Test Booster

Edge Test Booster – The main goals of this supplement are to increase the sexual appetite, increase the period of erections and give you more energy for both sexual activity and day to day activities. With it you will have more virility, feel better and more confident.


  • Improves blood circulation in the penis by 72%;
  • 114% more duration of erections;
  • No prescription and Approved at FDA;
  • It releases testosterone and increases on average 85% the sexual appetite;
  • More virility;
  • More mental and physical energy;
  • Special report: Famous and Magazine ;
  • 484 thousand buyers in 2017;
  • Testimonials from people: Patrícia Lopes ;
  • Satisfaction guarantee;

Who Should Use

  • If you have failed at time “H”;
  • If your penis suddenly softens;
  • If you feel frustrated by not having a good sexual performance;

DXL Male Enhancement

DXL Male Enhancement – This supplement contains herbs responsible for increasing testosterone levels in the body and is present in several types of supplements, but can also be consumed in capsules. It is a natural product, has no side effects; can be consumed daily, but should be avoided by adolescents.

Main Benefits

  • Helps in Combating Sexual Impotence;
  • Increase Sexual Desire ;
  • Slows Aging;
  • 100% Natural, does not hurt your health;
  • Surprise women with their virility;
  • Improves gastrointestinal function;
  • Improves neurological and psychological performance;
  • Helps for good health with much more energy;

InvigorateX Male Enhancement

InvigorateX Male Enhancement – InvigorateX Male Enhancement is also a widely used add-on; has five species and really good effects for health and for the body in general. One of the specific benefits of InvigorateX Male Enhancement, causes changes in the central nervous system and the tissue of the gonads, causing increased libido and sexual performance.

Main Benefits

  • Increase the potency and duration of your erections;
  • Have a lot more sex drive;
  • Extra energy to harness its power all night;
  • More intense and powerful orgasms;
  • Surprise women with their virility;

AlphaMan Pro

AlphaMan Pro – AlphaMan Pro is known to increase testosterone, libido and also sexual performance. It can be consumed by all types of men and results appear as early as the first month of use. It even helps to increase the duration of erections and leave the man more confident in the relationship.

Main Benefits

  • Firm and prolonged erections;
  • Increased sexual desire and testosterone release;
  • Prevents circulatory problems;
  • More pleasure for you and your company;
  • Combat sexual impotence incisively;
  • Less stress and maximum energy day and night;
  • Approved in FDA and without prescription;
  • 385 thousand buyers in 2017;
  • Average price: R $ 28 ~ R $ 57 (6x times);
  • Satisfaction guarantee;

Alpha XTRM

Alpha XTRM – With Alpha XTRM you have your sexual potency increased as it helps to treat erectile dysfunction through its fully effective and powerful formula. Alpha XTRM has the power to increase sexual performance, potentiate orgasm, regulate hormones and increase sensitivity.

Main Benefits

  • For Men and Women;
  • Lasting Effect;
  • Begins to Work in 15 minutes;
  • Natural does not harm health;

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